Richest Nigerian Musicians 2012: P-Square @ No 1

p-square richest nigerian musician of 2012

March 12, 2012 – 2012’s Highest Paid Nigerian Musicians: P-square @ No 1

According to reliable sources, popular twin Nigerian musicians, P Square are now the most paid / highest paid musician in Nigeria as at today March 12, 2012.

We learnt the duo received $100, 000 to perform in foreign music shows.

They were paid $80,000 to perform in France recently.

Top 5 Richest Nigerian Musicians in 2012

All other highest paid / richest musicians in Nigeria includes

  • P-Square
  • Tuface

  • D’banj

  • Kc Presh

  • 9ice

Hip TV and sound city recently released a list putting Tuface on top, however our current research has placed P.Square on top.

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236 thoughts on “Richest Nigerian Musicians 2012: P-Square @ No 1

  1. dis is very correct..nd 4 dose doubting kc presh should betta stop..i think Asa nd Nneka ar missing…som1 should pls judge g me,,out of asa nd banky who is richer

  2. Anyway if P-square is now d richest they deserve it cos they work hard 4 it n my main man 2baba shld be second richest now but dn’t knw about D’banj.

    • 2 baba shd b d no 1 d guy is a strong man and is d only man since they have depart frm plaintashon boiz….2 baba tualeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. no beeee lie oooo… p square who na worth abeg.. pesin weh e dey pepper for body make ego jump in side well…. packaging na who na get am… swags na who na…. every every na who na…. guys who na 1000000000000000 muchhhh…. kudos buddy

  4. Peter n paul,una 2 much.I’m so happy 4 p sqare:talk of talent..dey got it let alone raw cash yet 2 b refined..abeg,chop dat money.

  5. my talent dey waist here make dey come sign me……………………………………………..

  6. p square am happy 4 u guys, u guys merite it as 4 my man 2baba noting mega 4 ur side nxt year is your year ….. Please i need help my talent the wast here i need u guyz to help me psqure 2face na u guyz i d talk to i have enough to give out on music my contact 08130469606

    • 4 me i dnt no want 9ice is singing @all nonsense p.sq what it.d banj dat one as become devil na he is spanding devil moni is the biggest fool i have nev see in my life i swear what of bank.w u people are fool dat ret dem

  7. Pls keep it up Psquare, becus you ar the best of your kind.i know you guys will soon be come ar the best i have ever seen.please do not forget God.

  8. p square is @ 1 top now
    but until the day 9ja music indusrty will come 2 an end
    2baba is the best, not only in nigeria
    Africa as a whole.
    Incredible and incomperable,
    he is creative, encouragious and a MENTOR to all musician.
    As 4 KC presh, wizkid is richier dan him

  9. All of a sudden don jazzy does not even make the top 5, whereas in previous editions, he was placed at number 1..(i am assuming that this conclusion was reached after he “broke-up” with dbanj)..this goes to show that these so called ratings are crap. You ALL base your ratings on hype…i can assume that the reason don jazzy was always number 1 was because dbanj hyped him to make him appear rich, so after dbanj revealed all those secretes, these bloggers now feel he aint on the rich-list. By implication, dbanj could well be a flash-boy…showing off his money in cars and jewellery. Time shall tell oooo

  10. Psquare deserve to b naija richest nd most decorated musician, u guys hv prove ur worth, from the very best of ur album na d gbedu, twale baba

    • I tink is between d’bang,2face and p square.but i give it to d’bang i have been wit him from d very day he started.

  11. psquare u guys are doin great d is no 1 like u guyz.u deserve it.keep d flag flyin.hope 2 feature u in d near future.

    • It’s not about name or your interest or opinion. It’s about what they make from album sales and commercials they do.

    • Psquare r no1 in naija artiste,rite frm deir day 1,u can neva b bored wen listenin 2 deir music,u hardly say deir music is nt interestin,wat can u nt say abt dem,d best dancer,best video so far,hmmmm,am speechles,i beg dem worth am dem b d best.luv dem ooo

  12. P-square, 1 f my name sake . U guyz has been my mentor al dis yrs. Keep d kite flying n i need more f ur videos. Respect!!!

  13. Its not Easy to a celebrity,talk off been no 1 richest/highest paid musician in Nigeria! Psquare more Power to elbows nd every one dat has made it in d industry kudos! Am a talented nd Oriented musician bt I gad no music label nd sponsor plz Psquare God has lifted high he has blesd u so u can bless sum one, Plz help me out with my musical career

  14. Infact,u guys ar doing a gr8 job.psqure it has been a long while i av ben expectn dis,talk of video u r d best,no doubtn u b d richest artist in d music industry i just feel ur swagggg.pls no 4get me TALENT is giantly rotin here,i realy ned ur help.dis is my no *****.i got sweet message 2 deliver.Thanks nd God bles.

  15. P square dy r great,good,hardworkin,nd legible.dy r d best amongs all cudos 4 u guys,dy realy deserve d best

  16. Absolutely right bt as for d best 9ja artiste 2baba stil remain our hero nt even in nigeria bt Africa as a whole. More power 2 ur elbow cos i alwayz feel u (2face)

  17. Benmarc so proud of p square.i’ve bin dia fan since dia 1st album.dey deserve beta.i love dia swag n concept.i luk up 2 dem.carry go,guys,ntin does u

  18. What else do u expect,signed to konvict muzik,one of the best record label in the world,remix of chop my money with Akon,remix of beautiful with the hotest rapper now(boss).Those guys are on fire,btw Nigerians are proud of them.

  19. This is great, i’ve been waiting for news, since 2003 that i’ve p square fan. Rudboy carry go, no shaking, the sky will be ur starting point. I luv u.

  20. Oh Yeah! P-SQUARE u guys did perfectly wel, stil doing it and will always do well. U dserv wht u’ve got. Kudos!

  21. ya dat gud to hear, but they shud continue to work more hard,since dey known hw to sing love song expecially dat of marriage they tire to marry so dat dey shud balance d equation in dier song. becos dey love to sing marriage song

  22. Wow am so happy 4 my brothers peter ad paul okoye thank God,am greatful to hav a brothers like p-square,they ar the RICHEST MUSICIAN BABA GOD THANKS i wil be like them soon,i love there song onyinye,P-SQUARE FT ROSS RISK

  23. It’s indeed what I expect,I love p-square and my elder brother 2Face(2Baba).I’m Realface a Benue young and upcoming artist

  24. P-square na boss…..
    I’ve xpected dis frm T̶̲̥̅̊ђε̲̅ twins.
    S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡, I’m not τ̅ surprise

  25. Gat ntin 2 aulter, cus all have been said….psquare dserve more than dat winin d platinum award wit 3albums(straight),d best africn musician2010,best videos and most sold coppies wat dat….dnt judge dem wit persimistic mindset…psq d best

  26. Pls just tel me where don jassy&il b if kc presh ocupy such position, so i fink dere should b mis up somwhere try ur research onece again.2baba na u bikooooo

  27. d’banj is the richest musician……as 4 k.c presh…its really funny. Is banky a poor guy???

  28. p-spuare is d bomb,i luv dem.u guys deserve it,fashionable,can dance,sings well nd ve d best music videos,isn’t dat smtin?u guys re multi talented. Is it true dat they lost their mum?

  29. Pls stil go for your research ooooo. Cos Psquare cnt b no 1, where na kip Dbanj, 2face and NICE


  31. P. Square dizav d no.1 position co’z doz guyz really wrk vry hard, they dnt toy wt dia profesion at ol. P. Square as d time goes I wsh u guyz high, higher, highest in ur career, remain united & pls. dnt join cult 4 whtevr reason.

  32. P.square am sure dat u guyz r nt 1 of d illuminaties? If u r nt den keep it up 20 gunshotz 4 u guyz nd Rick Ross in ur performance @ d remix(onyinye) i luv u guyz,UNA B JAMES BOND!!

  33. P-square diszav it 10 gun shot in d air dont 4get God in wat ever u are doin ….., bt as 4 kc fresh i wonder any way na God

  34. Yea d twin (p square) i’m happy for u guys, i’ve been expectin dis since n for dat i say….. hurray…. But abeg my talent is rusting pls i hav songs dat cn move mountain yet no money to put dem on air, i need support, tanx **********

  35. Where are d choc boiz….who be Nice and Kc presh?……
    My own rating….goes like dis
    5)…banky W…..

  36. For sure they deserve it, but what are they doing to help the upcoming artiste aswell as the less priviledge??

  37. I luv p squre they wat to be in that post, i am 3310 ojabo kofo i am nice rugged nice my favorite

  38. wow!!! Ds incredable, cos i knw a day like ds wil 2 pass……. Dose guys merited 2 d 1 no doubt. But 4 me i prefer 2 see Faze among d top 5 dats after p-square,2face nd d’bang. Pls p-square i hv b ur fans since 8yrs back nd i also pray 4 ur prosperty, tank God dat u pple are on top 2day. But pls my tarlent is waisting can u pls help me out wit my music career? I need sponsorship and music lebel and u guys can help me as u help God will uplift u guys 2 b d no.1 in africa not only nigeria.ds my contant *****

  39. Wow! I luv d ranks p square really deserve it and i’ve bin waitin 4 dis day 2 come 2 pass, i love ur remix (onyinye) wif boss…..kudos 2 u guys!

  40. oboy…. see these badt guys, una too get money jare……i actually made i rite choice in making u guys my best artists in the world. tuale for psquare

  41. I think tuface is d richest nigerian artist. He is rich in terms of morals and he is a source of hope 2 hopeless. U are d best.

  42. I think 2face is a genius. I like his ways, i like his songs. I jst like everytyn about him. He deserves d best cos he is d best

  43. As far as africa is concerned 2face remain d best regardless of riches bt in inspiration listen 2 dance in d rain a track with a great insight & inspiration i love u 2face bcoz ur re a soul singer & i like ur soul musicz

    P-square is @ 1top now
    4 he back na,
    Tu face dey follow @ 2top
    4 tu face back na,
    D’banji dey follow @ 3top
    4 d’banji back na,
    Kc presh dey follow @ 4top
    4 kc presh back na,
    9nice na be d @ 5top.

  45. believe me am happy 4 d rude boys.i know dat will make us proud one day.and dat day is today.

  46. P-square? Is d lord God almighty dat place dem on top.. I luv tuface & others bt i luv p-square more. Kip it guyz…..

  47. kudos to peter and paul okoye,(p-square)please do accept my heart full of sympathy.via ur beloved mother.i believe that God knows the best.and will allways let the best come to u.cheers…………

  48. Tu baba 4 u to be the richest of musician in the country pro u walt it u have work hard and my prayer goes to tu baba for GOD blessing and protection too. I still remember this word OBRIGAGO that was what u say in lisbon so many years ago when u won ur first ever MTV BASE award. And to my guys to p square u guy have also proven ur self u guys are good too.

  49. Irreplaceable 2baba shld b ist, but as 4 psq no cos 4 alarm. Lets vote nd support 2baba kos he is mentor nd a legend in waking.

  50. 2face idibia, u too much, even today the world knw AFRICA QUEEN. My man longlife and properity i still count u as d number 1, legend, icon amazon of inestimable value. I dey feel ur AWAY AND BEYOND.

  51. y shud u be rating artist dat are rich but can not help square are the most stingy artist hav ever seen giving out 3 bags of rice to the orphanage when small but mighty j,bieber gave $700000 to charity wel as for me whether u rate or nt do DON JAZZY as helped so many people which everybody know well make una dey rate them by what they give out and nt wt they spend to themselves and all thse prostitute they pay in thier videos

  52. u guyz didnt include dat embarasingly rich dude. . DUNCAN MIGHTY. . ..nt evrybody knws bt dat guy is damn rich


  54. P square can never be richer daN d banj A̶̲̥̅̊₪D̶̲̥̅̊ tuface…u̶̲̥̅̊ have τ̅☺ do ur reserve again….who is k c fresh is he ricHer dan don jazzy or even banky w…pls pls pls u̶̲̥̅̊ reserve is not correct

  55. for me,the ranking is just a formality,2face remains the number 1 richest musician.But nevertheles,p_square is on fire.

  56. Ah! You Guys need to do anoda research Cuz frm nw till 2morrow Tubaba still be the richest Naija Musician and also the best if all, Maybe follow my P-square or D’banj

  57. A king is alwayz a king nd d poeple alwayz knw who dere king are no matta wot u r indead d king of music in 9ja nd away! U 2 much 9ja 1st son.{i wanna use dis little chance 2 tel u dat i love u new album:away&beyond} >< *here goes my own rating 2face [email protected] 1 d-banj
    banky w

    • As 4 me p square is de best y i said dat is be cos de ar smart de can dance at same sing de ar my role model tanks

  58. Me, i no see anybody oooo…. Йą 2baba… Hmmm.. Nothing D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ happen.. Kudos to 2baba.. Make i do my own rating (for real)
    1. 2baba
    2. Dbanj
    3. Psquare
    4. 9ice
    5. Banky W

  59. omoh who dæ talk say psquere rich pass ol d musicians???…ahbi wuna don 4get of mah boss,??…Mr tuface,2baba….no 1 lykam if na 9ja wey we dæ..mek wuna jst quite nd submit 4ram abeg..b4 its 2 let…

  60. P Square? The duo are hiphop maestro. They deserved their position which they attained by dinct of hardwork. The Holy Bible says” seeth thou a man that is diligent in his business, he shall stand before Kings.
    Odii Maxwell Sunday.

  61. who day talk am say p square is d richest musician in nigeria?na big lie joor although i no say google day lie on dier own,let us talk about investment/nd achievment we al no say na 2baba be dier baba.even in africa na him let us rearange am; *2face*dbanj*bankw*nice*psquare.dey be richest wy den day rent aox at lagos?

  62. Do ur research very well! Psquare are 2 and if they receive 800000 dolls that 1 no mean say na dem rich past! How many times them pay them? Pls think 2baba is the richest…my rating
    Don’t be decieved by the name dollars…1m naira into 20places is bigger than 1000dollars into 4

  63. how can you compare life to death i have seen that there are alot of blind people here psquare don’t need to be comparing with nigerian musicians any more, those guys are too much where can we start to count? oh my God psquare are more than what you people think when you go to canada china london different continent in the world their music are reigning i know all this people that are talking no one have been in murtala muhamed to move away from that fucking nija please for those blind people comparing 2face e.t.c to psquare please try to travel out to see okay psquare my men you people will be alive and see when God will come and take the world i love you guys from basel switzerland

  64. God go punish all of u when dey insult Dat young man call d banj. Una no get sense. Dbanj is a humble intertainer an wnt all his fans 2 dance while on d show. Y er u insulting him? U guys clamed 2 b fans of d so call 2face an psquare, y is d banj having more fan dan all in facebook? D banj for life. Dnt worry all u’r haters would go down 2 there nees. Idiots.

  65. Wat of my boiz olamide nd wizzy I luv dem more dan any tin…I can even use my house 2 bet on dem…dey shld b among rechest nw…awon abgba awo to fase mu omi…y.b.n.l

  66. please my people let there be respect for p_square @no I, p_square is the best muscian i have ever see in the whole africa not higeria only,so no garagara for that,if you like better,,,,better things go dey follow you ooooooo p_quare @ no 1OOOOOOOOOO

  67. life and death can never be compared p square are the best in Africa after Akon who is 4face and Ybanj and so on? Lagos guys that are blind should stop commenting here travel and see p squares music is now for world just like hip hop music guys can’t you people ask your selves question? SMALL DAVIDOOO IS EVEN BETTER THAN DBANJ CENTRAL BANK W 7FACE AND SO ON p square can never be compared with Nigerian musicians any more

  68. how cum kc presh z amongst da list? actuali tot it wud av bin ratted diz way (1) 2face idibia
    (2) koko master
    (3) p square???????????????????????????????????????

  69. I kno that p- squ is the topest nigerian musician, in time of richest and 2face followed he in that as a numb 2

  70. Ajibola tolulope says Davido should not suppose to be on table because he is still a new comer in music industry in fact he did not even struggle self before he get there…….is it because he is calling hmself .OMO BABA OLOWO.fuck your ass DAVIDO.

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