Stop Killing Nigerians In South Africa – Abba Moro

Dec 13, 2011 – Stop Killing Nigerians In South Africa  – Abba Moro

Nigeria has called for stoppage to the killings, arrests and torture of its citizens in South Africa and urged for intervention of South African government.

The Minister of Interior, Mr Abba Moro, made the call on Monday in Abuja, when the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Kingsley Mamabolo paid him a courtesy call and said such intervention would ensure health relations between the two countries.

“South Africa and Nigeria have teething problems. The indiscriminate arrest, torture and sometimes killing of Nigerians in South Africa are issues that can strain relations.

“It may not be deliberate or a government policy, but it is imperative for South Africa to provide security for Nigerians living in that country.”

The minister said Nigeria had “watched with keen interest the progress of South Africa” and was proud of its contribution to the struggles, which led to the independence of South Africa.

He noted that many African countries looked up to Nigeria and South Africa for political and economic leadership.

Moro said the two countries should work towards the removal of grey areas militating against closer relationship, especially in the areas of immigrations and visas.

“It is long overdue for South Africa to grant diplomats waiver in visa applications. Diplomats should be able to move freely between the two countries, because of our long standing relationship.

“South Africans desirous of doing business in Nigeria can also obtain visas at their point of entry.”

Mamabolo had said the visit was to discuss the issue of immigration, which he said was of “greatest interest” to his country.

“We will make sure that visa issues do not become a problem between Nigeria and South Africa, there will be a complete turnaround on visa problems.”

He said negotiations were on to resolve the issue of visa for diplomats.