UNILAG Lecturer, Bassey Dies Watching Chelsea Match

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May 21, 2012 – UNILAG Lecturer, Chief E.A Bassey Dies Watching Chelsea Match

Just few days after the tragic heart attack death of a popular University of Lagos, UNILAG lecturer Professor Sofoluwe, the University has lost another lecturer named Chief E. A Bassey.

Chief E.A Bassey popularly called Bassey was reported to have died in his office in the Department of Creative Arts after watching the Champions League final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich FC on Saturday night.

Except there is a medical report or an official statement from the management, it may be too difficult for me to say precisely whether his death has anything to do with match or otherwise,” the source said..

Another source claimed he might have died of heart attack due to the shock of some sort from the match he watched.

May his soul rest in perfect peace!

9 thoughts on “UNILAG Lecturer, Bassey Dies Watching Chelsea Match

  1. ı̣̣̣ think both christians and muslims of the school should organize some prayers for the school, God’s intervention is really needed cos the situation is getting out of hand. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  2. Dis man death is unbelievable, just 2 witness futball game?i think he was having problem somewhere.Anyway may his soul rest in peace.

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