Video & Photos: Juliet Ibrahim & Ex-Husband Back Together, Couple Rekindles Love In Accra


Oct 20, 2014 – Pictures: Juliet Ibrahim Shuns Ex-Husband At Hennessy Concert In Accra, Ghana

Video: Juliet Ibrahim & Ex-Husband Back Together, Couple Rekindles Love In Accra

Gollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim and her husband of 4 years, Kwadwo Safor Junior on Saturday showed genuine affection for each other during the Hennessy Artistry Concert that held in Accra..

The two came to the event separately but ended up sitting together throughout the event. Juliet Ibrahim was seen whispering into the ears of her ex hubby but what she was saying, we cannot tell.

As if the meeting was no coincidence, credible information reveal the two sat together sipping Hennessy while enjoying the artistry show. Remember she entered into the main hall first and was re-joined by the man who was able to figure out where she was seated amidst the crowd.

Both will stand at the same time and dance and laugh. They had a good time, rekindled their urge for each other’s company.

Now it is obvious that they departed separately but one cannot determine if they ended up in the same destination.

A night of music, Hennessy and romance may not terminate without follow up. The mystery part of the early morning remains to be revealed by Juliet and her man.

Watch the video of the couple below:

Juliet Ibrahim ex-hubby is the 5th son of creative man of God Apostle Kwadwo Safo, also known as African Star.

See photos of the couple at the event below:

Without doubt, Juliet still loves her hubby, hope they can sort out their differences and come back together for the sake of their son.

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