World’s Oldest Prostitutes Slept With Over 350,000 Men, Louise And Martine Fokkens

Louise and Martine Fokkens

Sept 27, 2012 – World’s Oldest Prostitutes Slept With Over 350,000 Men, Louise And Martine Fokkens

Louise and Martine Fokkens are twin sisters based in Amsterdam who work as professional prostitutes.

At age 20, Louise Fokkens pictured above on the left became a prostitute after her hubby and close friends decided it’ll be a profitable business to venture into.

Martine Fokkens pictured on the right joined her sister Louise after she noticed it’s a lucrative career path. She is a mother of 3 who works as a part-time prostitute.

The twin sisters claimed they have slept with over 350,000 men in their 50 years as professional prostitutes.

“Fok-kens” What a name!

48 thoughts on “World’s Oldest Prostitutes Slept With Over 350,000 Men, Louise And Martine Fokkens

  1. Fok-kens what a name! They are answering Fok-kens and also doin f**k tins. Wow! God should forgive them cos its not their fault rather d influence of dat name.

  2. lt’s a pity, the family have choosing a prostitution as BUSINESS VENTURES. May GOD forgive them. Not too late for them to repent TODAY, tomorrow may be too late.

  3. most of u dat shouted Jesus,do patronage dem ooooooo!…if care is nt taken,dier children’s own go worst cos its in Blood.

    • Es, a soul that sinneth shall truly die, God's word is truth. This woman might be saved by the Grace of God if she genuinely calls on the name of the Lord. Remember the bible says in Rom 10:10 Everyone …Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. It did not say particular people ,,,doesnt matter what you have done or have not done…You will be SAVED. God's grace is sufficient for all of us … we just need to believe by FAITH and we will be save. Secondly the death that the scripture you quoted means is eternal death…if u die in your sins without confession you will die eternally. Remember the song we used to sing as kids at our Baptist Church led by Mami Elsie…If I die in sin I will die again ..But If I die in Jesus I will die no more!! Yeah. God bless you Sweet herat …Have a blessed week.

  4. Well, if you’re good at something…

    As far as the “Repent!” fire and brimstone people… get over yourselves. The Bible you all love to quote when spouting the “You’re a bad person” which means you’re telling them “I’m better than you because I said so” CLEARLY STATES “JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!” You know what the author is saying there? I do. It means: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF TEH AFFAIRS THAT DO NOT CONCERN YOU. What gives you the right to condemn another persons’ actions? Certainly not that you got on your knees and thought really hard and told some invisible entity that you’re sorry. An entity, mind you, that you can never know for certain is telepathic (and ironically refuse to acknowledge that telepathy exists in the first place), or even exists at all for that matter.

    No one is forcing men to contract with these women. No one forced them to do what they do. The men that visit these professionals are there of their own accord. Unfortunately, we all know people that the only way they will ever have carnal knowledge of anything but themselves is to purchase the service.

    Prostitutes are geniuses if you stop and think about it. Sex is fun, shouldn’t your job be fun too? There’s no setup costs, they’re born with all the equipment they need. Maybe these women are (or some they know are),clinical nymphomaniacs, and therefore decided to make their “condition” their livelihood. There is no difference between a prostitute basically leasing out their sexual partnership and experience, and a landlord that leases his/her land to cattle farmers or oil companies. NONE.

  5. They have been forgiven by God for opening declaring their sins.Don’t judge them.

  6. Omo. Aw large iz dere p***y if 350,000 men ave enterd dere. Sme1 can say f**king iz dere talent as dere name impliez “fokens”. Aniway dey shuld be grateful God iz a meciful 1. Dere iz stil tyme 2 repnt……no bi smal tin

  7. if it wasnt for prostitutes, think how many more sex attacks there would be, so really they have probably avoided many rapes from happening–a good service to society wouldnt you say!

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