30 Boko Haram Militants Killed In Foiled Eid el Kabir Day Attack In Niger

30 boko haram militants killed on eid el kabir day

Sep 14, 2016 – 30 Boko Haram Militants Killed In Foiled Eid el Kabir Day Attack In Niger

A Boko Haram assault against Nigerien villagers of Toumour on Eid el Kabir day, has ended with the insurgents getting more than they bargained for.

Thirty members of the group and five Nigerien soldiers were killed in the fighting in the southeastern Diffa region of Niger, according to the defense ministry, which issued a statement late on Tuesday.

Reuters reported that the clash took place Monday in the village near Lake Chad and the Nigerian border, an area that has been plagued by violence from the Islamist militant group.

Boko Haram had taken the nearby town of Bosso in early June, in an attack that killed 32 soldiers and was the deadliest Boko Haram assault in Niger since April 2015. Since then, Chad has sent troops to help Niger wage a counterattack.

Fighting began on Monday morning when the army fell into an ambush, the statement said, adding that six soldiers were also injured and two militants were captured.

“The Boko Haram fighters were trying to prevent people from praying to mark the feast of sacrifice,” said Laouan Boukar, a resident of Toumour, referring to the important Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha that was on Monday.

Boko Haram has been trying to establish an Islamic state adhering to strict Sharia law in northeastern Nigeria since 2009. About 2.1 million people have been displaced and thousands have been killed during the insurgency.

8 thoughts on “30 Boko Haram Militants Killed In Foiled Eid el Kabir Day Attack In Niger

  1. May the souls of our indivisible soldiers rest in perfect peace… one thing i know for sure is that whatever their aim is it will never come to pass.
    #clueless human

  2. Yet inspite of all these, buhari on the other hand is busy releasing one that staged the Madela catholic church Xmas eve bombing that sent many christians to their early graves and many other church attacks.

    Kabiru sokoto is his name. He is been released just yesterday as a sallah gift to the boko haram killer squad network, can you imagine THAT???
    I thought that…

    But then, I have to take a stroll…

  3. This move by buhari is a mess of all the efforts, courage and precious lives wasted in the fight against terrorism since inception.

    Its also a messge to the sane headed that buhari is – Anti- Christian. Those who thought he‘s planning to islamize the country might not be far from the truth but he can only succeed in doing that “IF“ GOD relinquished His Throne to the devil. But if not…

    I take a stroll…

  4. Na wa oooooh.
    These animals keep gathering forces.
    When will all this stupidity stop ?
    How they manage to recruit their forces is still unbelievable since they believe in killing at first sight.
    We will win this battle in Jesus name.
    May the souls of our heros rest in perfect peace.
    So sorry for the families that were left behind.

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