Africa’s Finest! Van Vicker & Majid Michel Spotted

van vicker majid michel

July 12th, 2013 – Africa’s Finest! Van Vicker & Majid Michel Spotted

Yes they are both the pride of African movie lovers.

Errrrmmm! They’re both taken.

32 thoughts on “Africa’s Finest! Van Vicker & Majid Michel Spotted

  1. Point of correction! They are not the pride of every woman. I am taken and my husband is my pride even if I had to choose all over again.

  2. man de only fine for pocket and for is achievement on de suppose admire fellow man.if u kn wat i mean

  3. Whose assessment is that anyway!well they are fine but definitely not the finest in naija talkless of Africa.cherio!

  4. to be candid! they are “fine” but there still lots of handsome guys in Africa that are finer than they are!

  5. Mehn dae re swit jor al dis gal claimin dere guys re hotter y dnt yhu try nd upload dere or @least gv us a link 2 c dere ugly faces sowie cute faces lol

  6. Dos ugly looking human beigns,humanizer…wat dey should be called is african women luverz… I wrong?

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