Borno House Of Rep Member Asabe Vilita Empowers Constituency With 45 Indomie Boxes & N200K

asabe vilita indomie empowerment project

January 25, 2018 – Hon Bashir Asabe Vilita Indomie Empowerment Project: Borno House Of Representative Member Empowers Constituency With 45 Indomie Boxes And 200,000 Naira

Honourable Asabe Villita, the Senator representing Chibok, Gwoza and Damboa at the House of Representative has come under fire for allegedly embezzling the money allocated to empower her constituency.

She has now become a subject of ridicule for sending 10 bags of rice, 10 bags of beans , 45 boxes of indomie and 200,000 Naira to over 350,000 people living in Chibok, Damboa and Gwoza.

Her aide even took to the social media to praise her for empowering her people.

Nigeria will one day get better if God-fearing people take over from these money belle politicians.

As a matter of fact, Chibok has the highest poverty rate in Borno state.

So sad!!!

5 thoughts on “Borno House Of Rep Member Asabe Vilita Empowers Constituency With 45 Indomie Boxes & N200K

  1. Wicked world…. Some People are complaining while money is just flying on the air???????? Commemt from link removed

  2. If one do not undertake or signed to be hostile or wicked to fellow human being in Nigeria,you will never get any political post.

    The set up of things in Nigeria are too bad,no good result under this same platform irrespective of who is ruling..Nigeria need to be abolished except God will send a Messiah to take over,which i completely doubt because God is not the one who joined us together.

  3. This country had better be restructured. The oil form the south and taxes from Lagos are bein blown by these no good people, who contribute nothing but wasteful spending to the economy. Your days are numbered. #2019loading

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