Confession Of A Boko Haram Member “I Killed 23 People Within 48 Hours”

boko haram member confessed

June 27, 2013 – Confession Of A Boko Haram Member “I Killed 23 People Within 48 Hours”

A suspected Boko Haram member yesterday revealed how he killed 23 people including a village head and a police officer in Maiduguri in two days. The suspect, who started reeling out his murderous escapade hours after he was arrested by the volunteer armed youths famously known as civilian JTF, shocked residents when he confessed to have killed 23 people within 48 hours.

The middle-age man, arrested by the youths on Tuesday at Ngomari ward, Bakin Borehole within Maiduguri metropolis and subsequently handed over to the Joint Task Force, Operation Restore Order, said he slaughtered a village head and a police officer because he felt they were against the activities of the dreaded sect.

Residents of the area where the suspect was arrested said he came from Gwange, adding that the suspect was picked up by the vigilance youth group following the arrest of his younger brother who assisted the youths by taking them to Ngomari where the suspect was residing until his arrest.

“We were shocked when we heard that civilian JTF came and arrested a sect member in our area.

We have never imagined we could have somebody like that in our area because we have been living peacefully. We were even more shocked when he confessed that he killed 23 people in two days,” one of the residents who did not want his name in print told journalists.

Sources said the suspected Boko Haram member had relocated about a year ago to Ngomari from Gwange. “He rented a room apartment there and lived discreetly,” some residents said.


15 thoughts on “Confession Of A Boko Haram Member “I Killed 23 People Within 48 Hours”

  1. Almight Allah will bring out all those killer Boko Harm,so that they should all die by hanging or beat to death immedately find,no court order to delied and later free them.

  2. God will continue to expose you people. Thank God for the confession, he wasted 23people precious lives just in two days. Haba! See wickedness in the name of religion. This is very bad menh. I pray everyone of you will come to repentance and accept Jesus the son of the living God into your lives

  3. Civilian JTF thank u 4 ur patriotic act.As president said dat B H ar wt his govt so also d pple living wt them knows them.The issue of B H wil soon be forgoten.

  4. God will continue 2 disgrace dis sect since they dnt want peace. Lord protect innocent christians o God

  5. Hmm! So how does he feel now. He killed people simply because they do not support them. Let (Boko Haram) them go ahead and destroy every thing they think they can, the day of the Lord is coming.

  6. De world is coming to am end,hw can someone kills his follow humand being bcos of religion,just repent 4 de end is at hand nd what do they aim by killing people,boko haram should give they life to christ.

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