Donald Trump Losing Women Voters For Calling Hillary Clinton A Bigot

donald trump bigot

August 26, 2016 – Donald Trump Raises Eyebrows For Calling Hillary Clinton A Bigot “He Might Lose Women Voters” – Analysts

Republic Presidential candidate Donald Trump is definitely turning tables against his critic (Hillary Clinton) as she takes the lead in the poll.

Trump shocked many women and some in his campaign team after he called his rival, Hillary Clinton a “bigot” during a rally in Jackson Mississippi on Wednesday.

In a bid to turn Mrs Clinton against African American and Hispanic voters, Trump said Clinton is a bigot who is only going to take care of herself and her donors.

See the clip below for a priceless reaction from a woman in his campaign team

On Thursday, Clinton’s campaign team released a new video showing ex-KKK grand wizard David Duke endorsing the real estate magnate for President.

Political analysts are now claiming that Trump’s anti-feminist comment against Clinton might make him lose votes from women because it shows he lacks respect for them.

Trump seems to lack the required temperament to be a leader.

trump clinton bigot

The ‘Gra gra’ man is really getting ready to make America great again..**wink**

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump Losing Women Voters For Calling Hillary Clinton A Bigot

  1. The man appears to be on a mission to use all the derogatory terms in the dictionary against his political opponents for fear the words might go out of fashion before the election day. Na war o !!!

  2. like my people say “the dog that barks dont bite,but sometimes the barking helps him to scare his enemies away,even if he did not bite them.lets hope dat his gra-gra would yield good fruit for him and americans.i wish him best of luck.

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