Donnie Mcclurkin Loses Voice, Vocal Cord To Infection

donnie mcclurkin loses vocal cord

May 23rd, 2013 – Donnie Mcclurkin Loses Voice, Vocal Cord To Infection

African American Christian singer Donnie Mcclurkin might have lost his ability to ever sing again.

According to a Facebook update this past Saturday, a growth on the left side of his vocal cord that burst had damaged his vocal cord.

See his FB announcement below.

Dr. found that a cyst on my left vocal cord burst damaging the cord. My singing is strained and hoarse. I’m concerned but trust God! Pray 4me! a homeless woman cried & asked me 4 prayer as I left the hospital 2day. I cried and prayed w/her. A reminder what this is about. SOULS not song!

Join the popular gospel singer in your prayers.

Wishing him quick recovery and speedy healing.

54 thoughts on “Donnie Mcclurkin Loses Voice, Vocal Cord To Infection

  1. My Dear Donnie: Please heal quickly! A vocal chord injury sounds so painful! I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain! Wow! Where is the Top Medical Doctor located? Stanford University, CA. Let us go there together so Angela can hold your hand! Much Love, Angela Greene

  2. pastor Donnie there is power in the name of Jesus,that can break every chains, limitation,and sickness.To me u are healed as long as you remember your God.

  3. Supernatural healing is coming your way! The devil is a liar! I plea the blood of Jesus over u now !u will come back with a greater anointing!!!! I decree & declare it n Jesus Name! double !!!!!

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