Husband Divorces Wife Over Breast Enhancement Surgery


divorce over breast enhancement surgery

April 7, 2012 – Husband Divorces Wife Over Breast Enhancement Surgery

A 40 year old woman, Zhou Shaoping who did a $747 breast enhancement surgery with the hope of gaining more attention from her husband got the surprise of her life when the man he tried to please slams her with a divorced paper.

The divorce surfaced when her baby daughter got cerebral palsy through the steroid injections she got.

She hoped getting bigger breasts could gain her more affection from men after she was betrayed by her ex.

In 2006, Zhou gave birth to a baby girl after meeting a new partner and one year later got married.

Though she thought her breast milk was unusually yellow, she still fed her baby for three months. The baby was later confirmed to have cerebral palsy, but it is not known if it was caused by the breast gel injections.

After Zhou and her husband spent all of their money trying to help find a cure for their baby they started to quarrel. When her husband discovered Zhou had used Amazingel in the past, he blamed her and left, the paper said.

Zhou said she gave up her career to look after her sick girl and had to go live with her parents.

She told the paper she suffers pain in her breasts, but she is not sure if it is caused by the gel.

What a silly woman!