Ice Rain, Hail Storm Hits Mubi Adamawa State Nigeria [PHOTOS]

ice rain mubi adamawa state nigeria

May 15, 2016 – Mubi Adamawa State Nigeria Residents Experience Hailstorm [PICTURES]

A Mubi resident just shared these exciting photos of the massive hailstorm that hit the area this week.

A graduate of Adamawa state University, Khadiya Yohanna Ngadina took to the social media earlier this week to share her excitement with friends.

Make this kind hailstorm hit Sambisa forest sharp sharp…Na so we pray am ooo

9 thoughts on “Ice Rain, Hail Storm Hits Mubi Adamawa State Nigeria [PHOTOS]

  1. What is the essence of packing the ice like as if you are packing diamond, that thing will melt in no distant time, what is the excitement all about.

  2. @David, the girl has every reason to pack the ice because:
    (1.) Na Nigeria she dey no be Nepal she dey where it is normal
    (2.) She b girl
    (3.) She b fulani
    (4.) it’s her first time seeing this
    (5.) Na bowl she carry dey pack dey, if na you, Na big basin u go carry dey pack dem

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