Jonathan: Boko Haram Are Demons Living Among Humans, They’re Difficult To Fight

boko haram demons

June 26, 2014 – Jonathan: Boko Haram Are Demons Living Among Humans, They Are Difficult To Fight

During a meeting with a delegation of the College of Bishops of African Church led by the Primate, Most Rev. Emmanuel Udofia, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, President Jonathan assures Nigerians that terrorism will end soon.

The President urged the clerics to continue with their prayers for the country which have kept Nigeria from disintegration.

He said: “I have to thank you for your prayers because this country is facing challenges that we never expected. I always say it that apart from those of us from the Eastern region who witnessed the effect of the civil war, people may have not witnessed this kind of insecurity in the country.

“In the North East, it is almost like a civil war, it is even more than the civil war because in a civil war, you know the battle line, either a Biafran or Nigerian, you know where to run to.

“But this one, you don’t even know where to run to because the enemies are in your sokoto (trouser’s) pocket. So, it is a problem. But with your prayers, God has been kind and whatever the enemy contemplates he will never get there.”

 “Since the dawn of these ugly and demonic attacks, you have been so magnanimous by applying the carrot and stick measure, yet the bombings have escalated but certainly not beyond God’s control.