Martin Luther King Family Condemns Fake Award Given To Buhari

buhari fake award martin luther kings family

President Buhari was honoured  yesterday with an exceptional African leader award by the Martin Luther King Foundation.

However, some Nigerians who believe Buhari does not deserve the award contacted The King Center (Martin Luther King Junior official foundation) to confirm the authenticity of the award and their response was not favourable.

In an official statement released on Twitter, The King Center highlighted reasons why Buhari doesn’t deserve such prestigious award from the Martin Luther King’s family.

The Tweet further dissociated the King Center from the award which true source remains unknown.

See the letter below.


5 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Family Condemns Fake Award Given To Buhari

  1. This fake award was given to Buhari by unscrupulous, demented, half baked illiterates, with the collusion of some Southern goons looking for oil blocks and crumbs from the tables of the Fulani/Hausa hegemony. With this type of attitude of some Southerners, the grand children of Dan Fodio will ditch the Quran in the Atlantic as their forefather fore told. What a shame.

  2. How can a president who didnt know when Maina was re-instated with full benefits, when Benue people were killed by herdsmen, when appointments were given to dead people, etc know that an award is genuine?! We donenter one chance withthis man, abeg.

  3. It will be hard for this stupid government to come out and admit they are scam victim here, who knows how much they paid for this fake award all in an effort to look relevant.

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