Nollywood Actress Joy Anyim 2nd Marriage Crashes Over Romance With Prince Eke & Sylvester Madu

joy anyim 2nd marriage crashed

September 26, 2016 – Nigerian Actress Joy Anyim Second Marriage Crashes Years After Husband Divorces Her Over Infidelity

Joy Anyim Second Marriage Crashes Over Secret Romance With Prince Eke, Sylvester Madu & Others


A dog, they say, will always return to its vomit and a pig will remain a pig; even if it is trained at Buckingham Palace. Nollywood Actress and Producer, Joy Anyim, is no stranger to controversies; especially controversies bothering on sexual immorality. The tall, light complexioned beauty who resides in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital has to strive with two upheavals in her marital life under a space of 36 months and we are reliably informed that Joy is currently back to a life of mere subsistence.

Her first marriage broke down in 2013 on allegations of infidelity. The then husband accused her of sleeping with Mr John Ntah of Treasure Island Furniture Showroom, Uyo and Mr Ephraim Akwaowo of Independent Power Plant, Ikot Abasi. He further accused her of having slept with the very pastor that wedded them; among many other accusations.

The Producer whose movie, The Pastors, featured stars like Mike Ezuruonye, Walter Anga, Solomon Akiyesi, Eve Esin, among others and premiered in October 2014, is notorious for her excessive nocturnal party lifestyle, involvement with hard drugs, alcohol and chronic flirtatious flings with men of all ages, sizes and race. She was actually fingered for even sleeping with some of her crew members during the shooting of The Pastors; including her Manager, Kufre Egharevba, whom she was virtually living with.

On October 5, 2014, a day after Joy’s Traditional Marriage in Enugu State, Joy was seen by her classmates in a hotel room at Uyo with the same old Ephraim Akwaowo; who was taunted as being responsible for the rupture of Joy’s first marriage. Six days later (October 11, 2014), the same Ephraim Akwaowo chaired the premier of The Pastors in Uyo. What a coincidence!

There are strong indications that Joy’s current marriage, which is just under 2 years, is at the verge of hitting the rocks once again. Her latest problem is not unconnected with her promiscuous lifestyle; which continued even when she was heavily pregnant for her current husband.

In November, 2014, Joy was sighted in some uncompromising situations with Sylvester Mbanefo Madu in a hotel room at Asaba; while she was already pregnant for the current husband.

She later hosted a birthday party for the same Sylvester Madu on January 10, 2015 in the husband’s residence at Uyo; while the husband was out of the country on a business trip. The party was attended by many of her school mates and some Nollywood stars. That same November, 2014, Joy was coasting with another Nollywood star, Prince Eke in the Assumpta area of Owerri.

Just recently, on August 18, 2016, Joy invested into the life of her current Nollywood guy, Prince Eke, whom she sponsored another birthday party for, alongside hers, tagged: ONE BIG BASH – Double Birthday Celebration.

A list of actors like Prince Eke, Walter Anga, Eve Esin, among others, were billed to grace the occasion; though none of them showed up at the venue for fear of being attacked in Uyo by the current husband’s relatives. Fans who bought tickets for the party were furious that they were conned to pay their way into a “mere private birthday party under the pretext of bringing them in contact with their screen heroes”.

Barely two months after she unilaterally packed from her matrimonial home in May 2015 with her nine months old daughter for the fear of being killed by the husband’s village oracle (Ekpo Nka Owo), the actress is frequently spotted hanging around town with a 23 year old up-coming Beer Parlour musician, who goes by the name “Feelingz” and our source reliably describes Feelingz as her latest date.

During the One Big Bash Party, Feelingz was officially introduced as Joy’s boyfriend and Joy was introduced as Miss Joy Anyim; aimed at completely obliterating the marriage aspects of her life.

Her recently estranged husband, as we are duly informed, is presently devastated by this troubling development but does not want the issue discussed publicly for fear of his personal image and family name.

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  1. This one is not a wife material pls release her to go back to her Allen Avenue business so that there would be peace.
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    I take a RACE…

  2. This nigerian celebrity sha, no joy get at all oh.
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