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Omoyele Sowore’s Wife Opeyemi Sowore Slams Buhari For Refusing To Release Husband

opeyemi sowore

Omoyele Sowore’s Wife Opeyemi Sowore Slams Buhari For Refusing To Release Husband

The DSS was holding on to detained political activist, Omoyele Sowore, on Tuesday night, despite the order by Justice Taiwo Taiwo that he should be released and handed over to his lawyer, Femi Falana.

“The liberty of all Nigerians high or low, poor or rich is guaranteed by the constitution. It’s for this end that I’m of the view that the defendant ought to be released forthwith,” Justice Taiwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja said.

The DSS insisted that Sowore must face its new 7-count charge of treason, money laundering and cyberstalking Buhari, which it filed on Friday, on the eve of the expiration of the 45-day court sanctioned detention of Sowore, who is also the publisher of Sahara Reporters and a presidential candidate in the last election.

Sowore: still being held by DSS, despite court order

His lawyer, Femi Falana told CNN on Tuesday that his client is being held illegally and accused the government of bringing up trumped-up charges against him.

“We are saying the machinery of the state cannot be used to harass political opponents,” Falana said.

DSS spokesman Peter Afunnaya told CNN the case was before the court and declined to make further comment.

Sowore was arrested on 2 August in Lagos, days before #revolutionnow march that he organised against the Buhari administration. On 8 August, the DSS brought him to court to ask for an order to detain him for 45 days, pending investigation for alleged treason.

Femi Falana (SAN), leading Sowore’s legal team on Tuesday told the court that the order issued on August 8, 2019 permitting the DSS to hold the activist for 45 days, expired on September 21, while appealing to the court to issue a consequential order releasing his client.

sowore detention


DSS’ lawyer, G.O Agbadua, said that since the charges had been filed against the activist on September 20, it was lawful to continue to keep him until arraignment.

But Falana said, “Filing of charges cannot metamorphose into a detention order. A citizen cannot detain a citizen in anticipation of arraignment.”

Agbadua had earlier withdrawn the DSS’ application asking for the extension of the period of the detention of Sowore for further 20 days.

Agbadua’s request for the withdrawal of the said application was based on the fact that charges had been filed against the activist.

Meanwhile in New York, Sowore’s wife, Ope, led protesters to the United Nations Plaza where President Muhammadu Buhari is attending the 74th UN General Assembly, to mount pressure for her husband’s freedom.

“It is very sad to see the cause of action this has taken in the past one and a half months, especially for someone that was calling for a change for the better in Nigeria,” she said.

Ope Sowore told CNN she has been allowed only two phone conversations with her husband since his arrest last month. The journalist was supposed to be in Nigeria for two weeks in July and their two children miss their father, she said.

“It’s been almost two months since he walked out the door. Children are resilient in times like this, but they miss their father and are really hoping for his safe return,” she said.



  1. Amanda

    September 25, 2019 at 3:32 PM

    It is law enforcement not Buhari. You can only appeal to Buhari for his release or pardon. Sowore used wrong approach for the right cause

    • Shol

      September 25, 2019 at 8:04 PM

      Law enforcement? Wrong approach? Appeal to Buhari for pardon? You need to elaborate cos u sound like u hit ur head on the rock very hard. Since when has the word revolution become a criminal offence? You’re happy they call insulting a president a criminal offence? You this Buhari apologetic of a 🤡.

      Are you for real? in a democracy where he’s been granted bail not like they had any concrete reason to hold him in the first place. They refuse to release him and u think it’s okay? He needs to apologise to Buhari for what?

      Please all those herdsmen that kill people and order from above gets them released on which account do u put them? Which weapon did they say they found on Sowore.

      People like u are obvious reasons why Nigeria must break up. Any Yoruba Muslim that feels loyal to their slave masters can gladly follow when the time comes.

      As in you need to get ur brain cleansed of slavery mentality ASAP. See the country. You’re talking nonsense. Who gave Dss authority if not Buhari, did all this happen during Jonathan time? How many people insulted him publicly? Even the stupid cow president called for revolution and said he will make Jonathan’s tenure ungovernable. Who charged him with treasonable felony?

      They have used poverty to turn you people’s brain up side down. I feel sorry for you.

      If the people that are elected to serve you now becomes ur oga and u think that’s okay u are really sick.

      • Jaiyeoba

        September 25, 2019 at 8:24 PM

        @shol, I think you insulted the first commentator too much. I wish she can reply you in like manner. This is why I don’t leave comment on public forums like this. She deserves an apology.
        You are full of crap ode

        • Amanda

          September 25, 2019 at 9:27 PM

          Thank you.

        • Shol

          September 26, 2019 at 9:19 AM

          U’re the ode, if u must comment on comment domain you use sense to comment. I have freedom of speech, the type that it military regime are trying to take away from the common man,

      • Amanda

        September 25, 2019 at 10:23 PM

        Number one problem most Nigerians have which shows that you guys only go to school but have no idea what you were doing in school. If Law enforcement arrest citizens or NEPA shut the light or anything goes wrong in the country you all shout “Bukhari” left and right. President is just a figure. President doesn’t decide everything. Why do you think there is something called Division Of Labor?. Doesn’t that exist anymore?. President is just like a Judge or Doctor. What does a judge do?. He simply stamps decision made by th jury which mean it is Houses (Senators and Representatives) that deliberates how things are done in the country. This is how democracy works and I dont think Nigeria is democratic. “Democracy” is just on paper but not in deeds and actions. If you have democracy truly, when was the last time you successfully made arrest of politicians and successfully persecuted them?. But you easily jail average citizens and you called that democracy?. I am not just referring to this administration but since inception of Democracy in 1999. You have no democracy.

        Now, speaking about Sowore, he would have been arrested even in USA for his utterances. There are people arrested and locked up in the US indefinitely without trial. Some are in detained 10 yrs and still counting. During Wall street protests were people not arrested?. When they were arrested, did civil right movement including Democracy Now channel screamed Obama as if Obama was responsible for the arrests?. No. They simply protested police. They held police responsible for the arrests not Obama. So you guys need to receive sense. Buhari was not responsible for Sowore’s arrest. It was Law enforcement doing thier job. The least citizens can do it to take their protest to Aso Rock to appeal to president and president looks into the matter. That’s democracy

        Now you also said some silly irrelevant things that are not related to Sowore. You are talking about herdsmen, Muslims this and that. How does this relate to this topic?. You said Yoruba Muslims are slaves to thier slave masters. I guess you meant the fulani, right?. It seems you need some lessons to learn in case you want to blame Muslims generally for Nigeria situation. Let me inform you that Nigeria economy pathetic situation today was caused by Nigerian christian authority in 1970s, ’74 precisely when Christians asked Nigerian govt to borrow money from IMF which was loan with high interest. It is over 40 yrs now and Nigeria is still paying the debt. Nigerian govt at the time wanted to borrow that money from OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference) which wanted to loan Nigeria 2 billion naira interest free loan. But christian got jealous because they did not want anything Islamic in the govt. So they persuaded govt to borrow money form IMF instead. That 2 billion naira loan in not as yet paid off 40 yrs later bcus of christian stupidity and jealousy.

        This comment below was a comment left on a video clip on Facebook exposing christian activities in Nigeria since 1970s. Nigerian Christians, destroyed Nigerian economy, and I quote

        ” Obviously, from historical data you presented, it is clear that Christian authority in Nigeria destroyed Nigerian economy from the time of Yakubu Gowon until Jonathan. How the heck Christian leaders would encourage Nigerian govt to borrow money from IMF. IMF is up to no good. They scam countries. Seriously, Christian authority in Nigeria really need to return to their Old Testament. That’s where true Laws are. First of all, govt should never involved with religious institutions. Govt should always be neutral. That’s exactly what all Nigerian Muslim presidents did from Murtala muhammad, Shehu Shagari, Tafawa Balewa, Buhari/Idiagbon, Babangida, Abacha to Yar’adua. None of these muslim presidents had any impact on Islam and muslims in Nigeria. This is exactly how it should be.
        But unfortunately all Nigerian CHRISTIAN presidents did the opposite. Thanks for this lecture. Very interesting to know history.
        Let me itemize their activities briefly.
        Yakubu Gowon imposed Saturdays as public holiday because he’s member of 7 days Adventist which worships on Saturdays.
        Olusegun Obasanjo built Abuja Central church on state money by taxing all states in Nigeria to contribute 100 billion naira each. Only Tinubu and Uzor Kalu did not contribute because they said they are not muslim. Obj also did more. Hummm
        Ebele Jonathan under his watch a Christian leader, Ayo Oritsejafor smuggled 10 million USD and ammunition in his private jet to South Africa and no investigation was carried out. Interesting.
        Yet they claimed “muslims want to islamise Nigeria. Buhari wants to islamise Nigeria”. We get your tricks now.
        To make matter worse, when Muslim wanted to start Sharia compliance banking system which is interest free banking, Christian authority claimed it was attempt to islamise Nigeria. In 1974 OIC (organization of Islamic conference wanted to loan Nigeria 2 billion dollars interest free loan under Yakubu Gowon but Christians opposed the idea. They said Govt should borrow money from IMF (International Monetary Fund). The money they borrowed came with huge interest rate and that interest is still being paid till today which plunged Nigeria economy into biting poverty. And now you are blaming Buhari.
        It is clear who ran down the country’s economy. One thing people don’t understand about loan is that the money doesn’t exist. When IMF gives you loan, there is no real money until you sign the documents. Once you signed 2 billion dollar unreal money it becomes debt. This is scam which CHRISTIANITY brought upon Nigeria. Fact must be told whoever is reading this.
        Finally, Wike boldly declared Rivers State a Christian state under Nigeria constitution and under muslim president. And they are still saying Nigeria is a secular country?.
        All former and present Nigeria muslim presidents did the right thing by been neutral bcuz Islam never ever encouraged oppression especially in a country of multi religious adherents. Interestingly, rector of Redeemed Christian Church stood behind Wike’s statement. Hummm
        I just don’t know how Nigeria will pay off IMF loan. It is over 40 yrs now and they are still paying the loan with high interest rate. There is no way this loan can be paid off unless IMF decides to write it off. And if they do write it off they will take a huge chunk from Nigeria and plunge the country further into poverty. The future is not bright over there at all. What a mess!
        Now this reminds me of former South African Apartheid president who said Black people can not rule themselves. If you give them power they use it to steal money. If you give them freedom they use it to create divisions btw tribes, religions etc
        Look at South Africa recent Xenophobic attack. Ustaz Jamiu adegunwa you are so right. Those guys are Christians. SA is majority CHRISTIANs. If they were muslims media would never use “Xenophobia”. They would call them “muslim terror!sts”. You are so so right about that. Muslims have been so patient in Nigeria based on data you gathered and your experience. Good job man “

        • Shol

          September 26, 2019 at 9:31 AM

          See essay lol. He would have been locked up for the word Revolution in America or what? Which terrorist act did he perform o? Or what was caught on him exactly? They lock people up without evidence? It’s obvious u live in a bush in it mind. That same word was used by the opposition party in America couple months ago that it’s time for a revolution in the country on Twitter. People like u. All u do is defend Buhari. Yes people must call Buhari cos he’s the head of the country. It’s his Job to make sure everything is in place! It’s a job which he is not doing at all in any capacity. Almost 5 years now. I’m in Uk and yes everything that goes wrong people call out the president. They insult him on the street! It’s part of the job in a democracy but when clowns see their president as their employer instead of the other way round it’s sad what happens as a result. We are in a democracy not in a dictatorship regime. He kept elzarky locked up after court ordered him to release him cos of personal disagreement.
          The same that removed a democratically elected president through coup. You’re a clown honestly.
          If the president can’t do the job he’s elected for then he resigns. No not in Nigeria.

          • Amanda

            September 27, 2019 at 1:09 AM


            I just hope that you don’t get caught up with law enforcement in the West you live for no reason. That’s my prayer for you. If you think that “democracy” they advertise to you on the West, that they put on your TV screen is all about them, I am sorry for you. Many are locked up without evidence but purely on interest. They are not necessarily interested persecution. They just want to frustrate some people they don’t like and release them when they want regardless of civil rights movement agitation. I am not fulani for your information.

        • Sjolz

          September 26, 2019 at 9:36 AM

          Yes and under the watch of Buhari how many people has been killed by Herdmens because u know history. If after over 4 years ordinary electricity is not stable after all his promise. Where are all the monies collected back? Where’s abacus loot? U don’t become a president to lock up people that oppose u. Democracy does not grant him that power. If he feels the work is impossible for him to do then he should resign. I’m sure u’re a Fulani cos I’ve seen a lot of ur comments. All u ever do is defend bad things

          • Amanda

            September 27, 2019 at 1:12 AM

            @Sjolz and Shol,

            I noticed you guys (or maybe the same person) did not care to address my point up there regarding how CHRISTIANs ruined Nigeria economy

  2. wummy

    September 26, 2019 at 11:55 AM

    @amanda, thanks for elaborating your points.

    • Amanda

      September 27, 2019 at 1:01 AM

      You welcome @wunmi

  3. Mon

    September 27, 2019 at 5:17 AM

    The more people call that man buhari instead of an impostor, the more they validate the scam orchestrated by Abba kyari and all the cabals. They got no agenda than to take Indigenous people’s land, what they did to Hausas, then intimidate and persecute anyone who stands up for the truth.

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