Photo: Ekiti Youths Protest In Ado Ekiti, Call For Fayose’s Resignation

June 24, 2016 – Picture: Ekiti Indigenes Call Fayose A Disgrace, Ask Him To Resign

A group of youths under the umbrella of Be The Change Organization stormed the streets of Ado Ekiti today to ask for Governor Fayose’s resignation.

According to the protesters, Ekiti state civil servants are still yet to collect their 5-month salaries.

The protesters carried placards with various inscriptions including, “What happened to the airport fund,” “Fayose must go,” “Fayose is a disgrace,” ” “We say no to Fayose’s financial recklessness,” and “We don’t want a criminal as governor.”

The protest came days after EFCC traced N4.7bn from Dasuki to the bank accounts of Fayose and Obanikoro’s sons.

9 thoughts on “Photo: Ekiti Youths Protest In Ado Ekiti, Call For Fayose’s Resignation

  1. Are they sure about the change they are calling for? Nigerians have developed reservations about change o. Look before you leap?

  2. What the man really need is help. The governor is not normal, something is wrong somewhere. It is written all over his face that he’s mentally derailed.

  3. Anytime or anywhere there‘s a clamour for change in Nigeria now a fulani herdsman shows up. Maybe that‘s what they want @ Metu.

    I take a stroll…

  4. Ekiti people wake up from your slumber and chase this tout,omo ale you call your governor out of the government house.The idiot brings nothing to you his people except shame and disgrace.Your governor, Fayose has brain cancer.Ekiti is known as the fountain of knowledge, the state does not deserve this tout as its governor.Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayalsa State who is from the same state with the former president Jonathan can never descend this low of Fayose’s level.

  5. Oh! it’s about time? No o you people should stay there let the man continue to use your head. He is busy running his mouth when common salary he cannot pay, looking for trouble when his state is on fire. I pity those old men and women working for him.

  6. The change they are crying for may be the worst of their present situation. 5 months salaries not paid, this is very bad

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