Photos: Goat Delivers Baby With Human Face In Taraba State Nigeria

goat human face taraba nigeria

July 21, 2016 – Pictures: Goat Gives Birth To Baby With Human Face In Taraba State Nigeria

A pregnant goat delivered a strange creature on Wednesday in Taraba State.

The creature which has the face of a human being caused tension yesterday.

Rariya media outlet said those who saw the bizarre creature said the owner might have slept with the goat.

As at the time of this report, no one has come forward to claim ownership of the goat.

The she-goat reportedly rejected the strange creature immediately after birth.

goat with human face delivered taraba

20 thoughts on “Photos: Goat Delivers Baby With Human Face In Taraba State Nigeria

  1. Why is this act so common place this days? Are men becoming too timid to approach ladies for a relationship? While resorting to this sodomy act? This is terrible. Or could this just simply be a defect from the womb of that animal? I really don’t know what to conclude here.

  2. When God said to man, “Increase and multiply, and subdue the earth”, He did not have this in mind, nor was He thinking of homosexuality.

    • I know some pipul wey can posibul to doing this nonsens. All the pipul wey are carry gun enter bush to poshuu animals are do this type of thing. Everytime they are take a stroll.

  3. I don’t know how ugly people’s faces can be but in this Nigeria I have never seen any human face similar to that of the creature in the picture. How did people ever figure it looks like a human face? It is a deformity and is proved by the rejection of the dam or whatever Mama Goat is called.

  4. Why is this type of scene so rampant in the northern part of the country? Results of beastiality or mere zoological abnormality? Only God can tell.

  5. wonders they say never end,and it fit b true say the owner or some body else slept with the she-goat in question.this is abomination,mark my words the world is coming to an end.

  6. Human animals should stop sleeping with animals. Nawa oo, who knows who might have done this evils to that goat.

  7. Wonders shall never seize!!! The world is definitely coming to an end!!! I reserve my comments.

    #N so… LGO#

  8. It is either a foolish misguided money-making ritual or some defects in the brain causing humans to copulate with animals. Whatever the reason, may God have mercy on this generation. What more can we expect?

  9. lolz d-hunter bench is accusing u o,he said u fit b responsible for the baby-goat.congrate my man d-hunter,just b bold to acept ur responsiblity.

  10. Everything that God created were made perfectly for His glory and honor. A goat born with human head has an elements of human factors in it. I want to believe that a mentally unstable human being under powerful demonic influence had sex contact with the mother of that goat. You can not plant rice and harvest yam or apple, that is impossible! Likewise, a goat should always give birth to a goat, and cat should give birth to pure cats if no demonic human factors is involved. It is abomination in the eyes of God Almighty for human being to have sexual relationship with a person of the same sex, but some mentally deranged individuals have taken their demonic acts to another destructive level by having sexual encounter with animals like dogs and now goat. May God deliver this sinful and wicked world from sudden judgment and anger of God.

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