Photos: Meet Elizabeth Warren, The US Senator Who Proposed To Her Husband In 1980

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August 9, 2016 – US Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Says She Proposed To Her Husband 36 Years Ago

Meet Elizabeth Warren, The US Senator Who Proposed To Her Husband In 1980

Meet one of the toughest critics of Donald Trump, Massachusetts female senator Elizabeth Warren.

She recently declared on the social media that she proposed to her husband, Bruce in 1980 and they are still very happy together.

elizabeth warren proposed to husband

Ladies can you propose to your man??? Dear men, would you say yes or????

14 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Elizabeth Warren, The US Senator Who Proposed To Her Husband In 1980

  1. Its only in Africa here that people see it as taboo. And we the women, when we propose to men or walk up to them and tell them what we feel for them, they usually misinterpret it. Its either we are labeled a prostitute or that we are not from a good family.

    To me, its not bad for a woman proposing to a man she loves.

  2. My cousin proposed to her man in year 2003.they married with 4 kids but any time they have disagreement the husband will call her cheap. He tells her she was the one that beg him to marry her. My cousin is tired of hearing this painful words from the man she love. She is now regretting her actions

  3. Wish them more happiness together, its only that our african mentality will not permit our women to propose to a man but I know so many women here that they av stylishly warmed their way to a mans heart, though they don’t say it but they do it, so why d hypocrisy.

  4. I have always wanted to do this, but I can bet it with you the man will definitely take an advantage of you. Thank God, my man proposed to me and I gladly accept.

  5. funny.. our culture remains our pride (it is a man thing).. . but for this couple it a great joy thirty-something years no be beans oo

  6. @JUMMY, you can’t propose to a man simply because it is un-African. Well, I hope everything you do, more especially, your dressing, typifies the African spirit.

    AS FOR me, it is about my individual perceptions, and I wouldn’t not be comfortable with that woman that proposed to me. I may tolerate ordinary friendship, but marriage must be the man that seeks the woman’s hand.

    BUT ALL this, in essence, does not matter. If a man proposes to a woman and the marriage lasts 1year, and a woman proposes and the marriage outlasts, which one is better? The most essential thing is love.

  7. My bodi dey totori me 2day bcos y na day wey l don dey tell baba God na him shele soo oooo . So naw, na beg l dey beg oooo , i go like tell bench say i wan marry am…

  8. There is nothing wrong in the lady proposing. By the time the issue of proposal of marriage comes up, the couple are usually no strangers to each other and would have been friends enough to feel comfortable sharing with each other intimate thoughts crossing the mind. Some men are shy and could use a little “nudge”. Moreover, it is better to propose so you know whether marriage is on the horizon or you might end up stringing each other along till eternity. If by a woman’s proposal the man does not say yes, she can then pick up her pride from the dust and move on with her life rather than stay there wasting precious time twiddling her thumps in a go nowhere relationship when there might be someone waiting out there who will settle down with her until their twilight years and beyond.
    From my viewpoint, it is good-sense approach which enables the couple know their standing in a relationship and also give direction to their lives. As the song rightly says, whether na you scratch my back or na me scratch your back the same o thing e ni.
    And having said all that grammar and participated in this debate, I wish the couple a vey Happy Thirty Sixth Anniversary and Many More Happy Years of Marriage. Congratulations to them!!!
    Oh, and having said all that

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