Prostitution & Alcohol Sale Banned In Borno State Nigeria

prostitution banned borno state

January 12, 2017 – Prostitution & Alcohol Sale Banned In Borno State Nigeria

Prostitutes operating in restive Borno state are now expected to relocate to other states as the State Justice Commissioner, Lawan Kakashehu just announced immediate ban of the illicit trade.

Effective January 20, 2017, all brothels and hotels harbouring prostitutes are to stop the act or risk indefinite closure.

Lawan said mobile courts would be put in place to try violators.

Here is a statement he released today in Maiduguri:

7 thoughts on “Prostitution & Alcohol Sale Banned In Borno State Nigeria

  1. Is that law enforceable ? Who will inspect the contents of the kettles carried about by so many people and are there video cameras handy to record the payments for the other profession ?
    Let’s wait and see how many people will be caught and prosecuted in the first month or perhaps this is one of those laws that are more operative in breach than in compliance?

  2. Abeg una suppose to legalize it that side of the world so that it can limit the kidnapping of under age girls in the name of marriage, and also help to cool those monster from thinking of suicide bombing..

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