Yvonne Okoro Defends Self Over ‘Spermy’ Tweets “Yes It Whitens Teeth”

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July 21, 2013 – Yvonne Okoro Defends Self Over ‘Spermy’ Tweets “Yes It Whitens Teeth”

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro who recently got into trouble with a section of her fan base for tweeting a controversial fact few days ago has come open to defend herself.

Few days ago, the sexy actress tweeted

They say the best whitening agent for ones teeth is sperms…”

The tweet later bites her back as some fans thought she is a bad woman for tweeting an adult fact on general social networking site like Twitter.

Attacks started coming from left, right and center as some call her a bad role model.

But the actress didn’t relent on her self defense effort.

“You guys smh, (shake my head) you took the sperm fact and took it to a whole new level”.
“So stating a fact about sperms or sex makes me a terrible role model, am nothing but myself it’s rather hypocritical to pretend it doesn’t exist,” she tweeted again.

Her claim is partly right because according to scientists, male semen contains some amount of calcium that is good for healthy teeth but the whitening fact is a bit shaky.

Na wa o we Africans don’t like bad stuffs **wink**

8 thoughts on “Yvonne Okoro Defends Self Over ‘Spermy’ Tweets “Yes It Whitens Teeth”

  1. SO now i see the reason behind her white teeth..you go girl! Get those teeth as white as snow..Your guy must be a very lucky man, *wink*

    • Good question since she is the master of white teeth and while she is cracking her brain for than answer how about this. Does every sperm contain the whitening nutrient including the low sperm counts?..Dr Yvonne go ahead and answer

  2. Responsible women are talking about child marriage, u r here talking about sperm. Ashawo kobo kobo!

  3. And by the way, are those sperms on your face in your picture on the right? You should have forgotten to clean up after a facial then, LOL!

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