10-Year-Old Boy Detonates Suicide Vest, Kills 20 At Crowded Market In Gombi Adamawa


January 30, 2016 – 10-Year-Old Boy, Boko Haram Jihadist Detonates Suicide Vest, Kills 20 At Crowded Market In Gombi Adamawa

A boy of about 10 years old on Friday detonated a sui­cide vest at a crowded market in Gombi town in Ad­amawa State, Killing many according to witnesses.

A vigilante leader who confirmed the incident said 20 persons including the bomber died in the blast.

Gombi was recaptured from Boko Haram in 2014 and since then, the insurgents have made several failed attempts to retake the town from the Nigerian military.


7 thoughts on “10-Year-Old Boy Detonates Suicide Vest, Kills 20 At Crowded Market In Gombi Adamawa

  1. At age ten, majority of us that are adults today doesn’t really know so much. At that tender age, a child should be in primary school learning productive ideas on how to become a better citizen for himself, nation and his parents. However, Boko Haram terrorists were able to brainwashed that little boy to caused such a damage. The northern governors, state commissioners, Northern religious leaders, and the federal government should rescue other innocent boys and girls from those animals using them as instruments of destruction to kill their own people. There must be a mandatory basic primary education to all northern children; the schools should be well founded and their teachers should be pay reasonable salaries. Secondly, the state and local should create economy opportunitis for the suffering masses in the area of agriculture, fishing, poultry, farming and mineral exploration. Accurate and highly reliable Intelligent gathering to deter all the activities of this evil and deadly group should be the priority of local, state, and federal government. Boko Haram poses a great threat to social, political,and economy activities of the northern region and all the residents.

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