$65M Private Jet: Kirk Franklin Blasts Pastor Creflo Dollar For Asking 200,000 To Donate $300 Each

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March 27, 2015 – $65M Private Jet Fundraising: Kirk Franklin Blasts Pastor Creflo Dollar For Asking 200,000 People To Donate $300 Each For G650 Private Jet

Few weeks ago, Pastor Creflo Dollar reportedly asked the public and his church members to donate $300 each in order to help raise the fund needed to acquired $65 million Gulf-stream G-650 private jet for his ministry to evangelise across the globe.

However, the pastor came under attack after a public fundraising campaign asked 200,000 people to donate 300 each in order to acquire the private jet on time.

Many wondered why the man of God would opt for the most expensive jet in the world in order to spread the gospel.

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin is also not pleased with the idea. He recently made his feelings known in an article titled “The High Cost of Character”

In his word:

When a pastor wants people to buy him a private plane while a missionary in Somalia bathes children with sores, that’s a shortage of character. When I camouflage my “greeds” to look like “needs,” that’s a shortage of character.”

Kirk Franklin also addressed the issue of racial tensions in American schools. He wrote;

“When young students are comfortable enough to sing racial slurs on a bus while furthering their education to someday lead a corporation that may have minorities apply for jobs, that’s a shortage of character…And it’s something you can’t teach in school.”

May God help pastors to apply God’s wisdom to issues like this.