Anthony Joshua Apologises For Failing To Knock Out Takam, Defends Referee Decision To End Fight

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October 31, 2017  – Anthony Joshua Apologises For Failing To Knock Out Carlos Takam, Defends Referee Decision To Stop Fight

28-year-old British Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua has officially apologised to his fans for refusing to give his challenger, Carlos Takam a decisive knock out , The Sun reports.

Joshua who admitted that he might have joined others booing his 10th round victory at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium defended the referee, Phil Edwards decision to stop the fight to protect his challenger from fatal injury.

Here is what he said in his official apology:

“The crowd think that Takam deserved to be flat on his back and I understand that they wanted to see him take some more punches.

“That’s what boxing is about. People just want to see someone get battered and it’s my job to knock him out.

“I don’t care if I spark him out, if it goes 12 rounds or if the ref ends it.

“But the ref’s job is to make sure that the guy lives to fight another day.

“Takam was showing all the signs that he wanted it to be stopped. Look at the guy’s face. His eyes were nearly hanging off with those cuts so deep.

“I was delivering. I put him down, I hurt him and I slashed both his eyes.

“If you see my white shorts and boots, they’re now bright pink with all his blood.”

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