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November Born Baby Facts: Personality, Love Life, Positive Attitude & Negative Traits

november borns facts personality negative traits

November Born Baby, People Facts, Love Life, Personality Traits: What To Expect When Dating A November Born

  • Interesting Facts About Babies/Persons Born In November, Their Positive Attitude And Negative Traits

The eleventh month, November, has a lot of birthday celebrants. November produces more mysterious folks than other months. Nonetheless, they are good-looking and smart individuals.

They are ambitious and determined people. They do not get intimidated by anybody. They have a strong heart. They do not get crushed by challenges of life. They are super humans. Lets learn more about November born personalities.

Interesting Facts About November Born Babies

Babies born in November have an interesting personality. They are one of the coolest people on Earth. These lovelies are hardworking and faithful. They are ambitious and purpose-driven. Below are 10 interesting facts about November born babies.

They are positive and determined:

November borns are positive and determined people. They do not back down easily. They are bent on doing what they intend to do. Challenges and difficulties push them to do more because they are positive always. They are very optimistic.

They are hardworking and industrious:

November born people are hardworking. They are not the type that lazy around. They strive to provide everything they need. They are very serious at work and are loved by their colleagues. They are industrious. They enjoy their work and do not complain when given a task to do.

They are very intelligent:

People born in November are very intellectual. They learn fast and easy. They communicate with others well. Everyone gets amazed at how much they know. They are smart and can find their way out if any situation.

They are patient and tolerant:

November borns are patient. They exercise this trait when dealing with other people. They can put up with other people’s troubles for a long time. They are tolerant. They sure know how to deal with relations and colleagues at work.

They are curious and intuitive:

People born in November are curious souls. They seek more knowledge everyday. They use their brains to get the most out of everything. They learn and they do as their mind directs them. They want to be aware of new and latest information.

They are intellectual:

November born folks are intellectual beings. They think about everything. They try to make sense out of nonsense. Once faced with a difficult issue, they go into isolation and draw solutions from their well of wisdom. They are cherished for coming up with ideas regularly.

They are blessed with inner and outer beauty:

People born in November are beautiful people. They are pretty inside out. Their looks are exquisite. They can dress up pretty good. Their character is also amazing. They have a beautiful behaviour and are liked by everybody else.

They are fearless and self-reliant:

November borns are very bold. They are not afraid to confront or question anybody. They are fearless. They can summon courage to chase their dreams. They don’t chicken out when everyone else does. They are risk-takers. They prefer to be self-reliant.

They are active and dynamic:

Individuals born in November tend to be very active. They can do more physical tasks. They do not break down easily. They are always willing to take on new duties. They are dynamic in everything they do. They are not afraid to go new places or reside in a new environment.

They tend to remain faithful:

People born in November are faithful. They do not cheat or lie about anything important. They are trusted by their bosses. They are not traitors who turn away from their those they care for. They are faithful friends. They build trust with everyone.

10 Negative Traits Of November Born People

People born in the eleventh month have some negative traits just like the other months. These are 10 negative traits of November borns.

They are secretive:

November borns can be secretive. They may not reveal everything about themselves. They have an unknown side which no one knows. They most likely do things which others have no clue about. Even their closest friends and family may not know what these secrets are.

They tend to feel insecure in relationships:

People born in November tend to feel insecure. They may be uncertain about their achievements. They may feel that they are not good enough. They have body parts which they are unsure of. They tend to compare themselves to other people.

They get jealous easily:

Individuals born in November get jealous easily. They protect their lovers and may turn out to be overprotective. They hate the idea of having a rival. They do not want their partner to be snatched from them. They may not allow their partner to be friends with the opposite sex.

They can be stubborn and hard-hearted:

November borns can be very tough to deal with. They do not agree most of the time. They are known for their objections. They can be very stubborn. They tend to not listen to others even when they may be wrong. They can be hard-hearted. They may not yield to anybody.

They are quick to anger:

Individuals born in November are quick to anger. They get angered pretty easily. They sometimes feel irritated. They do not like being in contact with people or actions which they detest. They may flare up at little and trivial issues.

They can be very temperamental:

November born people can be very temperamental. They tend to not contain themselves in some situations. If provoked, they can fight against the person. They can tongue lash anyone when involved in a quarrel.

They can be wild at times:

November borns can be wild at times. They can act so irrationally. They may get involved in illegal activities. They can be so dangerous at some points in their life. It’s best when November babies are showed the right path to follow in life.

They may be mysterious:

People born in November can be very mysterious. At times, nobody seems to even know them. They have an aura of mystery around them. They have secret adventures. They may have secret lovers. They do things which no one else knows about.

They may act out of impulse:

November borns can act out of impulse. They may do things at random. They tend to say stupid things without thinking at all. They need to learn to control their deep emotions. They sometimes do things just because they feel the need to.

They may be too quiet sometimes:

Individuals born in November may get to creepy. They may be stuck up in a place alone. They may not mix with others or even relate with anyone. They might look too tough to approach. They get too quiet and reserved especially when in a social gathering.

What To Expect When Dating A November Born

While November borns may not be open and accommodating to everybody, they become very nice when they have found their better half. They tend to act sweet when with the love of their life. Here are 10 things to expect when dating a November born.

They are sexy and playful:

November borns are sexy babies. They look super cool. They are one of the prettiest which the last months of the year has to offer. They can melt their partner’s heart with their super looks. They are playful and fun. They make sure the relationship never gets boring.

They stand out within the crowd:

November born people stand out with the crowd. They are very distinct people. It’s easy to distinguish November borns. They don’t behave like everyone else. Most times, their style is always unique and differs from what everyone else does.

They are very social and love to meet new people:

November born folks are social. They love parties, events and gatherings. They love to be in the midst of amazing personalities. They love to make new friends. They enjoy connecting with other people. They are at their social best when in a happy mood.

They are hopeless romantic:

People born in November are romantic lovers. They may smother their partner with kisses, hugs and kisses. They are fun lovers. They express their love pretty well. They show romance at every give time. They are sweet lovers.

They are emotional lovers:

November born people can be emotional. They never want to see their partner cry or be put in a bad mood. If their lover feels sad, they are sure to share the same feelings too. They want to be the one who makes their partner smile always.

They are caring and compassionate:

November borns are caring lovers. They are sure to help their partner when in need. They do not want their partner to lack anything. They give as much as they are able to. They are sure to have compassion on their partner. They do not want them to go through stress or any kind of trauma.

They always strive to succeed:

November borns are born to succeed. They strive to make it against all odds. They do not run away from the battlefield. They fight till they win in life. They want their partner to be well taken care of. They do everything within their power to provide the luxury their partner desires.

They are trustworthy and loyal:

People born in November are trustworthy individuals. They are sure to stay with their partner. Once their mind is made up to stick to one person, nothing can change it. They are very loyal. They do not engage in other affairs. They tend to remain faithful through thick and thin.

They are very smart and wise:

Individuals born in November are smart. They can save their partner from awkward situations. They are very wise. They know how to handle other people. They sure can get away with anything. They are sure to help when their partner is in dire need of a life-saver.

They are fun-loving and jovial:

November born people are fun to be with. They will play and act like little kids when they are with their lover. They are jovial souls. They are happiest when spending time with who they desire. They feel on top of the world with their partner.

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  1. Osai

    February 25, 2019 at 7:16 PM

    I believe everything about this article.
    I’m November born and married to a November male.
    Everything you said it true.
    How do you people get this information. You are on point

    • Stefi

      February 26, 2019 at 9:03 AM

      This writer is an amazing human being. You know what you are writing and I believe you are one of us

    • Peter kivumbi

      November 20, 2019 at 7:19 PM

      Wow true that am a November born baby

  2. Olayinka

    February 26, 2019 at 1:47 PM

    I’m glad I’m a November born…
    Thanks for this #NG

  3. Toyin

    October 15, 2019 at 12:00 PM

    I am a November baby and my husband too how do I manage this

  4. Kingsley

    October 31, 2019 at 5:10 AM

    am a November born, ur all correct

  5. Goodnews

    November 1, 2019 at 11:55 AM

    I think this article is stupendous
    Proud november born!


    December 24, 2019 at 12:03 PM

    yes ooo….we are always the best and we are special people

  7. Isaac

    April 8, 2020 at 3:09 PM

    The article really speak about me…really proud of my month

  8. kevin morris

    April 25, 2020 at 3:45 PM

    its all good am a november 8 born a male what shocked me the most its that am left handed boy wow you know

  9. Layckan b junior

    April 26, 2020 at 10:23 AM

    This is 💯 true, wooow
    Nice ,all November’s are also an EXTROVERTS


  10. Eve

    April 29, 2020 at 8:12 AM

    Very fact there is truth. I am currently in isolation for the past five days just to solve a sensitive situation.

  11. Malibongwe Coke

    July 3, 2020 at 3:55 PM

    NaiLeD On the Dot!!

  12. Precious

    July 4, 2020 at 6:36 PM

    All you said about November born are true, they’re dam wired. In fact i dated one of them not knowing that he’s a gay ,but he act pretty cool and makes me to feel relaxed while in the mixed of his gay friends. But as a March born, i outsmart him and got the information i needed.
    He should continue with his wired nature. I don’t need it. I left..

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