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july born personality traits


Amazing Facts About July Borns, Personality Traits & 10 Things To Expect When In A Relationship With July Borns

july born personality traits

Amazing Facts About July Born Babies, Ladies & Men, Negative Traits & Personality: 10 Things To Expect When In A Relationship With A July Born

July borns are amazingly wonderful. They are kindhearted, peaceful and unique in their own way. They are known to exercise self-control and self-discipline most of the time.

These July celebrants are calm and very loving. Though they may have trust issues, they are sure to make everyone happy. They tend to become very successful in their various endeavors. Read on to learn everything about July born personalities.

10 Amazing Facts About Babies Born In July

July born folks are super amazing. They are liked by all and sundry. Here are 10 amazing facts about them.

They are caring and understanding

People born in the month of July are caring. They are cheerful givers. They will be available when needed. They care for others irrespective of their background or lifestyle. They are very understanding and are well-behaved always.

They are concerned about other people’s feelings

July borns also take others into consideration. They are sure to include others in their plans. They will never do anything that will hurt anyone. They listen to other people’s opinions and they love to make everyone feel valued.

They have a good memory

July born people have a good memory. They can remember every little detail that has happened in the past. Their brain is very sharp and they remember even the slightest of things. Birthdays, anniversaries and special days would not go unnoticed by a July born.

They are practical and logical

July borns are both practical and logical. They love to do things as well as use their logic. They are thoughtful and actionable people. July borns think thoroughly about their resolve and are sure to work on making it a reality.

They ask a lot of questions

July borns are very inquisitive. They ask questions about everything. They are fond of looking for questions to ask others. This may get annoying sometimes, but it’s inborn. They believe in asking so they can gain more knowledge.

They are friendly and approachable

People born in July are friendly. They will always welcome you with a smile. They are always eager to add more unique people to their list of friends. No one will have a hard time talking to them because they are very much approachable.

They are witty and sparkly

July born folks are funny. Their sense of humor cannot be matched. They are sparkly individuals who may find a lot of people attracted to them. It’s natural for them to be desired by many. They are extremely witty and will seem to be boring.

They tend to grow taller than others

July born people have a tendency to grow taller than most other people. While genetics and other factors may determine height, July has a record for the births of kids who are a little taller than their counterparts.

They are sympathetic and sincere

July borns know how to sympathize with the hurt. They are concerned about the welfare of others. They will go any length to make the people around them feel their best. They tend to be an open book. They let people know that they care and will be there for them.

They are very candid and honest

People who are born in July are candid. They tend to be plain. They do not lie about what they say. They are honest and direct individuals who give sound advice. July borns are frank and very straightforward.

 10 Negative Traits Of July Born

July born personalities have a few negative traits just like the rest of us. These are 10 negative characteristics of a July born.

They are prone to getting hurt easily

People born in July are prone to being hurt easily. They may flare up over little issues. They are sensitive folks who feel very hurt even when they aren’t supposed to. July borns often feel very bad when everything doesn’t work out well.

They may be temperamental and unpredictable

People born in July can be very temperamental. They get annoyed pretty easily. They are very unpredictable when angry. They may become so hostile when provoked. Their friends and family should be able to understand these traits of theirs.

They forgive but do not forget

July born people don’t have a problem with forgiveness. But oftentimes, they do not forget about any wrong which has been done to them. They tend to remember the bad things which someone may have done to them even after a long period of time.

They can be very moody

July born folks can get so moody and antisocial. There may be times when they decide to remain alone. At such times, they will get pissed off over trivialities. This seldom happens but when it does, their friends should know that it won’t last long.

They dislike idle chatter

People who are born in July hate the results of idleness. They do not like to associate with people who gossip or backbite. They will never be found bad-mouthing others or doing things that have no absolute value.

They are prone to depression

July born people are prone to feel depressed. Sometimes they may feel too sad. It may be a result of certain atmospheric conditions or maybe it’s just the stars turning away from them. If they produce bad vibes, it doesn’t seem to last forever.

They tend to hold grudges for a long time

July borns have a tendency to keep malice. They are fond of keeping bad memories within them. This may cause them to react negatively to others. They tend to harbour grudges even after they may have forgiven the offenders.

They can be secretive

July born folks may not reveal everything. There are some news which they won’t tell anyone. They may hide some information even from their closest friends. While this can be frustrating, their relations need to understand.

They find it hard to trust people fully

People born in July find it hard to reveal very personal details. They do not trust people easily. It might be because they loathe people who gossip and spread personal news of others. They also make it known that they only trust a select few.

They take long to recover from hurt

July born people hate to suffer from heartbreak. They brood over hurt for a long time. They take long to return to their normal selves when they have been pained. They tend to take all the time they need before they get over hard feelings.

 10 Things To Expect When In A Relationship With A July Born

July borns do not go into a relationship with just anybody. They select and have lots of preferences for a partner. Nonetheless, they are simple lovers. Below are 10 things to expect when in a relationship with a July born.

They are easily consoled

July born individuals are easily consoled. They love to be treated as kids. They want a partner who pampers and overlooks their negative side. If they are feeling down, they need a partner who is understanding enough to motivate them.

They have a strong sense of humor

July borns can be really funny. When they are ready to have fun, they make sure to lighten the moods of others. They can get a crowd laughing to their silly jokes. July borns are super interesting individuals who can gain the confidence of others through their wits.

They treat everyone equally

People born in the month of July are known to treat everyone equally. They do not believe in discrimination or preferential treatment. They see everyone as the same regardless of religion or gender. They expect mutual respect in a relationship.

They create a small circle of very close friends

July born people usually have a small group of friends. They carefully sort out and pick out these select few. These are mostly friends who have earned their trust over the years. Their partner should be aware of their clique and should respect them all.

They tend to be excessively positive

July borns are very optimistic. They believe that things would work out well. They always radiate positive energy. Most times, they choose to stay on their game even when the going gets tough. They are excessively positive.

They are full of surprises

July babies are full of surprises. They are talented when it comes to planning cute surprises for the one they love. On special days, they will make it very memorable. Anyone who loves a July born should expect surprise gifts or even surprise visits.

They are calm and composed

People born in July are very calm. They are not lousy. They are not hyperactive. They know how to keep their cool and maintain their sanity. They sure can comport themselves very well.

They are tactful and kind

July individuals are tactful and kind. They are compassionate as well as full of goodness. They love to help others a lot. If they cannot help with monetary value, they are sure to give their time and attention. They always have good intentions.

They are quiet and peaceful

July born people are quiet and peaceful. Chances are they will date someone who loves peace like they do. They dislike conflicts and are known to stay out of trouble. They are easy-going individuals.

They have an attractive and charming personality

July borns are very attractive. While they may not be very flashy, they still look their best. The tranquility that accompanies their presence makes them so charming. Their partners will experience peace when with them.

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