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december born baby facts


December Born Baby Facts & Personality Traits: Amazing Qualities Of People Born In December

december born baby personality traits

December Born Baby Facts, Personality Traits: What To Expect When Dating A December Born

Amazing Qualities And Characteristics Of People Born In December

The last month of the year, December, is home to births of the most honest people in the world. December borns are known for their openness and straightforwardness. They are very transparent.

December borns love to learn and they won’t hesitate to teach others too. They are amazing people. Lets find out the personality traits and characteristics of December born people.

Facts About December Born Individuals

Individuals who are born in December are real. They are trustworthy and also very friendly. They are the types to count on. They have an interesting personality. These are 15 characteristics of December born people.

They are absolutely independent:

December born people are very much independent. They don’t rely on others and know how to fend for themselves. They tend to do things by themselves. They won’t pester others to do any favors for them. They believe in being self-reliant.

They love to teach others:

December borns are great teachers. They love to impact others and teach them how to do same. They never hoard their knowledge. Whatever a December born knows, everyone else is sure to know. They share knowledge unselfishly. They make great teachers and philosophers.

They tend to rely on logic more than emotions:

People born in December tend to rely more on logic than on emotions. They use their brain most times. They follow their intuition more than what they feel. They do not pay attention to feelings because they feel it can mislead them. For them, logic is everything.

They have an interest in sports:

December borns have a special interest in sports. They love to engage in physical activities. Mostly, they have hobbies in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis and the likes. They participate in sports and may even do it professionally.

They love to read and gain knowledge:

People born in December love to learn. They will be found reading books pertaining to their interest. They may be found conversing with wise and knowledgeable people. December borns love to possess huge wisdom. They are intelligent and smart. They read and develop themselves so they can be able to impact the lives of others.

They seek to know the truth:

December born people always want to hear the truth. They hate being lied to. They prefer to be fair with others and vice versa. They won’t lie about what goes on in their life. They are honest and transparent. Because of this trait, people trust them easily. They like to deal with people who are straightforward and plain.

They are nice to others and very helpful:

December borns are nice to others. They are kind people. They care about everyone else. They will not hesitate to share. They are also very handy. They will help out on tasks within the home. They will help their colleagues do certain things too. They are really helpful.

They are strong-minded people:

People born in December have a strong mind. They are blessed with mental strength. Everyone wonders where they get their push from. They do not quit or lose hope even when it gets so tough. They are strong and determined. They will persist till they achieve every goal of theirs.

They are very organized:

December born people are very organized. They prefer to keep things neat, clean and arranged. They love to maintain peace and order. They do not like disorder or disharmony. They love to settle fights. They strive for happiness amongst everyone. They do not litter everywhere. They like being in place being organized.

They are good friends:

December borns love their friends very much and they do not joke with them. They are sure to take out time to have fun with friends. They help their friends and do not leave them in the time of crisis. They are set of friends to keep. They keep a lot friends and are loved by all of them.

They are trustworthy and honest:

December born people are trustworthy. This is due to the fact that they are transparent. They love the truth. Their words are truthful and straightforward. They do not formulate lies even when pressured to do so. They stand for what they believe in. They are honest. People feel at ease when dealing with December borns. They do not cheat or act unfairly.

They are ambitious and hardworking:

December born fellows are ambitious. They aspire to become great people in the future. They have the tendency to get very popular in the future. They work hard to get to the heights they envision to reach. They work towards success. They are big dreamers. They desire to recognized and celebrated.

They are honest and dependable:

People born in the month of December are known for their honesty and transparency. They are very unique. They are respected for this trait of theirs. Everyone seems to count on them. They are people of integrity. They say what they mean and they mean what they say.

They are not pretentious:

December born individuals are true to themselves. They do not lie or pretend for any reason whatsoever. They are very real. They are extremely open about their feelings. They do not feign sadness when they are happy. They are an open book.

They spend wisely:

People born in December are wise spenders. While they may not be spendthrifts, they use their brain to control their spending habits. They are financially wise. They sure know how to keep money and will not spend on irrelevant things. They are disciplined when shopping or paying bills. They never want to waste money.

 10 Things To Expect When Dating A December Born

December borns are sweethearts. They have a beautiful and loving heart. They are fun and thoughtful lovers. Here are 10 things to expect when dating a December born.

They are very passionate:

December born lovers are full of passion. They love with all their heart. They do not lie or pretend about what they feel. Relationships are important to them. They make sure that their love life are built with trust and passionate love. Their partner would constantly be showered with undying love.

december born baby facts

They require the freedom to live their life:

December borns often want to have freedom. They do not want to be someone who monitors their movement. They do not want a partner who dictates. They want to have their own freedom to do what they desire. They cannot survive in a restricted environment.  They love to be free and their partner needs to understand.

They are realists:

December born lovers are very real. Their lives are ground in reality. They do not live a fake or imaginary life. They believe in being open and true. They are very real and practical. They come clean to their partner and expect same from them in return.

They are enthusiastic and high-spirited:

People born in December are very enthusiastic. They seem to be really excited about what’s going to happen in their lives. They are high-spirited. They are happy that something wonderful would occur soonest. They have a keen sense of humor. They can make a place lively with their wits and positivity.

They are good learners:

December borns are always willing to learn. They never stop learning. In a relationship, they are sure to learn a lot of things from their partner. They want to know how best to treat their lovers. They do this by listening and paying attention to them better.

They love to be admired:

December born people love to be admired by lots of people. They love compliments. They love to look good so others can notice their elegance. They love to dress up and look their best. They want their partner to appreciate their efforts to look appealing.

They crave adventure:

People born in December love to travel and see new sights. They enjoy doing new things. They want a partner who is spontaneous. They want a lover that will be willing to take on new activities. They crave adventure and new experiences.

They actively work on their relationships:

December borns actively work on their relationships. They put in all their best. Once they find the perfect one for them, they give all of their heart. They focus on that one person. They do everything to make their partner happy. They sure know how to make a lover feel loved.

They are interactive:

December born people are interactive. While they may be reserved, they do interact with others. They can keep a conversation without feeling bored. They are sociable. They can grace an occasion with their sharp wits and communication skills.

They are generous:

Individuals born in December are generous. They love to give to their partner. They are open about what they have in their possession. They do not hide information about their finances from their partner. They enjoy sharing with the one they love. They are sure to be there when their partner needs their help.

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