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September Born Babies Facts, Love Life & Personality Traits: What To Expect When In Relationship With September Borns

september babies personality traits

September Born Babies Facts, Love Life & Personality Traits: What To Expect When In Relationship With September Borns

The ninth month, September, produces a lot of intriguing people. They are lovely and make the best of friends. These articulate people care about those around them.

September borns possess excellent qualities. They are loved and accepted by everyone. They tend to make more friends than anybody else. They sure can make anyone feel alive and relevant.

September Borns Personality Traits

People born in September are a force to reckon with. They have good qualities as well as bad qualities but, they are super personalities. These are 10 traits of September borns.

They are highly intelligent

September borns are super intelligent. Their brains are very sharp. They speak more intelligently than everyone else. They are blessed with the ability to learn fast.

They are smart and can use their IQ to find lasting solution to any problem. In the workplace, September borns amaze everyone with their brains. They are wonderful people to work with and are sure to deliver results.

They are picky when choosing friends:

September born folks do not associate with just anybody. They may set certain criteria for anyone who wishes to get close to them. They decide if such person is worth spending time with.

They may only mix with classy and intelligent people. Whilst they may seem to be full of pride, it’s just who they are. They sort through the crowd before making friends with anyone.

They are hardworking:

People born in September are hardworking. They work hard to get what they want. Most times, they don’t need someone to motivate them. They do what they are supposed to do no matter how tired or stressed they may be.

These people keep pushing in life. They do not shy away from work and their colleagues admire this trait. They strongly believe in getting things done.

They are articulate individuals:

September borns are articulate individuals. They love to speak. They can express themselves pretty clearly. They may end up in careers that may involve broadcasting or acting or maybe singing.

They sure can talk. They are not afraid to let their thoughts out. They speak well in public and find it easy to confront others when necessary. They have great oratory skills.

They are perfectionists:

People born in September tend to desire perfect things. They usually prefer being in situations where everything is available. They feel sad when their expectations are not met.

They are rational. They want to explain things and make meaning out of them. They always want things to work out just the way they want it. They crave perfection.

They tend to keep their feelings to themselves:

September born people tend to hide their feelings. They may talk about lots of things but, they hide their own deep feelings. They think their personal views may seem unintelligible to most people.

They tend to keep their rightful thoughts about a particular matter to themselves. They do not want to seem biased or unfair so they may not voice out their opinions.

They possess excellent leadership qualities:

September borns possess excellent leadership skills. They can lead a team effectively. They put others into consideration before taking decisions.

They are smart and can proffer solutions to any problem their organization may encounter. They are humble and are sure to listen to everyone. They believe in rising by lifting others up.

They are prone to accidents:

People born in September are prone to accidents. They are likely to fall and get wounded easily. They should be careful. They should not engage in tough sporty activities if they feel they can’t withstand it.

September borns have to be careful and calm so as to prevent accidents from happening. Some September borns may seem fragile. This is why they don’t get too physical.

They are surprisingly considerate:

September born people put others into consideration. They think about others welfare even before they think about themselves. They are kindhearted fellows. They are very compassionate.

They always seem to agree to what others say. They want to see everyone happy and unoffended. They remember to put others first before making decisions. They always have their loved ones in mind.

They thrive in an organized environment:

September borns thrive in an organized environment. They love dwelling in places that can give them peace of mind. They hate strife and trouble. They like to stay in places that are peaceful and organized.

They love to be in the midst of people who are well behaved and easygoing. They prefer to mix with those who are reputable. They flow well with people who are calm and composed.

 10 Things To Expect When In A Relationship With A September Born

September borns are loving souls. They are peaceful partners and their presence gives a tranquil feeling. They are amazing people. Here are 10 things to expect when in a relationship with a September born.

They are quiet and understanding:

People born in September are very quiet. They exercise self-control and do not pick fights. They are cool-headed. They are very understanding.

They don’t complain because they understand the situation others are in. A September born will not be found looking for trouble. They do not like being bullied or maltreated and they won’t do such too.

They are loyal and generous:

September borns are loyal folks. They can give anything to anyone. They love their partner so much and can go out of their way to please them. They love to help others out.

People born in September are very helpful in the home. They have a good heart that cares to whoever they love. September babies tend to stick with whoever they choose. They do not jump from one relationship to another.

They are incredibly smart:

People born in September are smart and intuitive. They are wise people who can think their way out of any situation. Their partner will be amazed at how easy it is for them to get through certain conditions in life.

They will constantly be given promotions at work because they can offer great value. They are creative people who, with hard work, find it easy to perform tasks which others have difficulty with.

They love to seek new information:

September borns love to do research. They seek to learn and know more. They love to have a vast knowledge in topics that interest them. They ask questions and make a lot of research.

They always want to be aware of new and recent information. September borns may turn out to be professors or scientists in the future. They love to seek new information about a wide variety of topics.

They take love very seriously:

People born in September take love very seriously. They do not fall in and out of love easily. When they find the special someone, they remain committed to them.

They do not feign love or affection. Their love is for real. They will feel very sad when cheated upon because they get so attached to whom they profess love to. They love wholeheartedly.

They are altruistic and sympathetic:

September borns are full of sympathy. They do not like seeing others suffer or go through difficult situations. They love to help others. They try their best to take others out of misery.

Their partner would be lucky because they stick to them even through unbearable circumstances. September born individuals tend to have a lot of pity on others. They are not heartless.

They are confident and industrious:

September born people are confident. They are bold individuals. They are sure about themselves. They are industrious and they believe in what they can do.

September borns never feel insecure. They believe they are capable to do anything. These people can not feel insecure. They are bold enough. They work tirelessly and fight for what is theirs.

They are hot and sexy:

People born in September are hot and very attractive. They steal the attention of everyone. Everyday they will keep amazing their partner with their looks. They are stunning.

Anyone dating a September born is sure to show them off to friends and family. They are capable of being the center of attention. They sure know how to dress up and harness their natural qualities.

They constantly strive to open up to their partner:

September borns may hide some stuff from their lover. They tend to keep some details away from them. They tend to be secretive. They may not talk to their partner about certain issues.

Anyone dating them ought to understand and be patient. They need someone who can make them feel relaxed. They desire a lover who listens to them without judging them.

They find it easy to attract a partner:

Individuals born in September love to make friends. They connect with others very easily. They have the ability to walk up to someone and start a conversation. They know how to make someone like them.

They are always making friends. They find it easy to attract the person they want to date. They are lively and outspoken. They sure can convince anyone that they are the best.

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