Photos: Boko Haram Drops Off 101 Freed Dapchi School Girls In Yobe Today At 3am, Girls Moved To Maiduguri

boko haram drops off dapchi girls

The 101 Dapchi School Girls released in the early hours of today in Yobe state have been moved to Maiduguri.

The young girls abducted from their school in Damaturu Yobe state on the 19th of February 2018 were dropped off by the insurgents today after Nigeria employed a back-end channel to negotiate their released.

The girls have been moved to Operation Lafiaya Dole Theatre Command Centre in Maiduguri.

According to online reports, 5 of the girls died in captivity while a Christian girl among the captives is yet to be freed.

A Yobe-based health care worker, Abubakar Ubaliyo shared these photos on the social media today.

Meanwhile, Governor Fayose has accused the Federal Government of staging the abduction for political gain.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Boko Haram Drops Off 101 Freed Dapchi School Girls In Yobe Today At 3am, Girls Moved To Maiduguri

  1. I suspect propaganda. If it is the Nigeria I know, these northern politicians just wanted to score a point with this Dapchi abduction, so they can claim Buhari was more proactive compared to Jonathan. I hope nothing happens to the Christian girl. Totally unfortunate that they had to use the lives of the 5girls that died to score cheap points. May the blood of those girls be on the heads of all those involved. I hope Nigeria wont fall for this cheap drama.

    #DAPCHIGIRLSAREBACK! If you know, you know.

  3. Since Nigerians or majority still accepts that man as Mohammadu Buhari after an unexplained sickness and the cost,then Nigerians will still accept this tragic comedy…after all there are so many Almajiris for practical experiment to these backward fools calling themselves leaders……nonsense.

  4. So bokoharam packed their bags full with stuff, did the girls went to bokoharam with bag on the the of their capture..? Nigeria government must explain who brought the bag in between. Also tell the world the deal they are striking by the release of terrorist that the military capture in the past.

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