Joseph Van Vicker Biography and Pictures, His Wife & Kids

van vicker and family 2012

Updated Dec 17, 2012 – Actor Joseph Van Vicker Biography and Pictures. See His Wife & Kids

Here is the biography of Actor Joseph Van Vicker and pictures of his wife Adjoa and family. He is a great family man and it’s interesting to see him doing his things with his family in mind. I have great respect for family men.

Van Vicker Age: August 1, 1977

Joseph Van Vicker  is one of the most recognized faces to come out of the African movie industry.Van Vicker is proud of his unique heritage; he is of Dutch, Liberian, and Ghanaian descent. Van became a household name in African movies quite by accident.

He started out in the entertainment world in radio and as a television personality. The producer of the first film Van was in saw his potential and took a chance on him. That chance paid off and Van’s movie career was born. Since then van has perfected the romantic leading man role.

van vicker and kids

Van vicker and his beautiful kids

He has helped make the Ghanaian movie industry also known as Gollywood, a fierce competitor in the world of African movies. van has appeared in over 30 movies including the popular love triangle Beyonce: The President’s Daughter series, Mummy’s Daughter, Divine Love, The American Boy, Princess Tyra, In the Eyes of My Husband, Innocent Soul, Slave to Lust, and many others. van is an avid sports fan. He enjoys shooting pool, Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball. He was the first runner up in a Basketball Slam Dunk competition in 1997.

He played College Basketball and Pro Basketball for the Sheperds. Family is very important to Van. His mother is his hero. Although Van’s father passed away when he was only 6 years old, van still looks up to him and wants to be just like his Dad. van is happily married to Adjoa and they are the proud parents of two daughters, J’dyl and J-ian.

Van has won numerous awards for his acting. Some of his honors are: Best Male Actor 2006 – GMA (competitive)Ghana Ghana at 50 – Recognition in acting certificate 2007 (honoree) Best Male Actor, WA, 2007 5th Annual Movie Awards, NY (honoree) Best Male Actor, WA, 2007 Screen Nation Film and TV Awards, UK (competitive), Best Male Actor 2007, Ohio (honoree) Best Male Actor,2007 1st DJ Awards, Bronx, NY (honoree).

Van Vicker has recently been nominated for Best Lead Actor and Best Upcoming Actor at the 2008 Africa Movie Academy Awards to be held in NigeriaVan is also a businessman. He owns and runs Sky + Orange, an advertising agency and event management company. He also runs Babetown, a unisex barber shop where customers can not only get their hair cut but can shop for the latest designs in fashion, shoot some pool, listen to good music, and enjoy their favorite drinks.

Van also runs the Van Vicker Foundation which reaches out to up and coming talent and discovers new talent to help them get their shot at acting. Van has recently added producer, writer, and director to his resume. His first movie he wrote, directed, produced, and acted in is called ‘Friday Night’ and Van promises that this is the first of many movies to come from his production company Sky + Orange. There is so much more to come from this sexy and humble leading man, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

Van Vicker Biography Updated Dec 17, 2012

Joseph Van Vicker Family Pictures

van vicker and family 2012

van vicker and kids

What a lovely family he has! He is sooooo blessed.

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  1. Nice movies van,they’re really fun to watch when you act I think u should act more movies until you die.p.s I love your family mostly your wife and children be a good father for life.

  2. Nice movies van,act more until God is ready for you that will not happen in my world.Van when you act any movies they’re the best,even though I like beyonce the president daughter mostly,i love all the rest just like who I like B.T.P.D I love them all.

  3. Hi van am very happy to know you are alive. Your family is very unfortunate and lucky to have a person like u as a father, husband, son etc. As for me I wanted to faint when dat rumour came to my hearing because u r my best actor n u remind me of Christian Ronaldo. I love u. Jessy from Nigeria said so.

  4. Thanx for all yo filmz oh l du like them all,thy r all educative.especially royal rumble.God bless yo family Mr van Vickers

  5. I awez search fo your films woooooow interesting,most of them r educative,l du lyk royal rumble,jealous husband kkkk surely yu showed all yo jealous.May god bless yu Mr VanVicker and yo family

  6. woooooooooooow you have a beautiful family, love those kids wish i could see you in real life not on television only i am a big fan

  7. Van,hv u accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal saviour …..There’s life after death….Heaven and hell….I don’t know anything abt you ,bt wanted to share D’s word with u…

  8. A family man indeed.l think someone is using your picture on Afro introduction the person is from Australia. Check it out l even confronted the person on your behalf

  9. you awesome , you raised african name with you good looks in your movie and very handsome we appreciate God for you and your wonderful families go up and never go down

  10. it is really so sad that yo gone too soon…….but all i can say is,MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE
    you will always be remembered…

  11. Van, you are too good to die now!I don’t think I’ll watch films again!We shall live to remember you till we meet in the promised land. I request the Almighty to forgive you for the sake of our grief. Rest In Peace. Amen.

  12. Dear Van Vicker, Waoooo, what a wonderful family. we love you and i would miss any program to watch you act. Any person who reported that you died is an enemy of peace and progress and an idiot at that. some us had blood pressure climb up because of the un founded news

  13. Oh Van by dear I am personally happy for you, God’s blessings abide upon your household

  14. Hi dear am so happy n thankful to God that u r alive, u have such a beautiful n wonderful family n such a good actor, I love that you’re a responsible man too that’s so amazing. Long live Joseph Van Vicker

  15. Its very great if Van u a still alive coz rumours circulated dat u died. U’ve a nice n beautiful family

  16. Nice guy n actor ..yu teach me alot about love ..#beyonce…here i learnt that money cant buy love ….i salute yu my man …..hope to watch you acting with Ramsey Noah

  17. Van, When I See You Acting Is As If Am Seing Something In Reality. Espercially The One Titled “darkness Of Sorrow” I Really Love That Movie Is Really Interesting. I Wish You Get Marry To That Girl Called “Keyla”.

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