Keri Hilson Makes Fufu & Nigerians Go Gaga – What If Tiwa Savage Cooks Macaroni?


keri hilson fufu tweetsKeri Hilson Making Fufu

May 7, 2013 – Keri Hilson Makes Fufu & Nigerians Go Gaga – Will Italians Smiles If Tiwa Cooks Macaroni?

Nollywood’s #1 critic, movie producer Charles Novia is really upset over a fufu tweet by American singer Keri Hilson that went viral on social networks last week.

Few days ago, singer Keri Hilson in a bid to get attention from more Nigerians shared a picture of herself making fufu with Twitter fans.

Hear Charles Novia in his own words below

“Keri Hilson makes a bowl of fufu and Nigerians go gaga? Gosh! Some complex issues! Will Italians smile if Tiwa cooks Macaronie?smh”

According to Charles Novia, making fufu is not the issue but the most upsetting thing is the fact that Nigerians got carried away by it…. so Charles Novia is trying to tell our people to stop going gaga over unnecessary things.

To those who do not know her, Keri Hilson was the lady who travelled to Nigeria for a concert with less than 50 people in attendance last year.

Apparently she’s not as popular to Nigerians as stars like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce,etc.

Guess she is trying to use this opportunity to gain more fans.