Nyako Genocide: Why Borno Citizens Must Sue President Jonathan By Perry Brimah

nyako genocide

Sept 3rd, 2014 – Nyako Genocide: Why Borno Citizens Must Sue President Jonathan By Perry Brimah

The President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s chief Boko Haram negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis has named the President’s appointed ex Army Chief, General Azubiike Ihejirika as a chief sponsor of Boko Haram, the world’s worst terrorist organization. More than four days after the revelation, the Nigerian government has not denied the damning revelations. We doubt they have the capacity to.

In view of this, it is becoming sickly obvious and clear to Nigerians that this so-called Boko Haram ghost organization is more than just some of the most ingenius people, able to hide in jungles for years and lead well armed formations of dozens of vehicles to assault the citizens of the north; but a permitted, tolerated and supported organization on a mission on behalf of Nigeria’s army chiefs.

Boko Haram has been supported by the army chiefs to decimate farming and farmers of the north. If General Azubuike Ihejirika is a sponsor of the terrorist group, it explains why there were so many reports of the Nigerian military suspiciously pulling out hours before many Boko Haram attacks on farming villages in the north and only returning after over 8 hours sometimes, when Boko Haram was sure to have finished killing every living thing they found in the village and burning all structures.

General Ihejirika is now understood to have been behind the systematic transfer of Nigeria’s military tanks, Armored carriers and weapons to Boko Haram terrorists; which has been going on throughout the Jonathan administration. The people of Kala Balge knew this and when they defeated Boko Haram and re-captured two light weight tanks, they rather burned them than gave them to the Nigerian army under Minimah when he came to ask for them. The people said they know these tanks will be given (or sold) back to Boko Haram. Nigerian military helicopters have been reported supplying Boko Haram in Sambisa forest to support the Boko Haram terror pogrom on the northern farmers. It must be mentioned that as Boko Haram’s secondary agenda is the displacement of farmers and freeing up of fertile farm-land; some top dogs also want the land of the north and we can expect a money flow and people buying up the land right now. 4 million farmers have thus far been displaced in the army supervised pogrom.

Even in the killing of Boko Haram terrorists in large numbers which some believe is a defense of the military chiefs, what was actually happening was a systematic controlled genocide. The army chiefs sponsor the key Boko Haram leaders who forcefully conscript innocent northern youth and then the army kills these youth, never thinking of a way to protect the youth before they are trapped, or to rescue them, but leaving them with the terrorists till they become one with them as they recently did as we all witnessed with the abducted 234 Chibok Angels. This cycle continued indefinitely. The army allows Boko Haram to go again and raid a village and conscript its youth, then the army kills the youth, while leaving the Boko Haram well known head offices/camps in Sambisa un touched. In this fashion, the army continues to maintain a supply of northern youth to be killed via its cooperation with its pal Boko Haram top leadership.

Boko Haram as definitely on a mission of genocide and that means the military chief was behind a genocide of citizens in Nigeria’s north. This is what the famous ex Navy Admiral, Governor Murtala Nyako Genocide memo of April 2011 stated. Being an ex-navy officer, former Adamawa governor Murtala Nyako probably read the signs on the wall clearer than the rest of us could and alerted the world that what was happening in his state and the neighboring states in Nigeria’s north followed the full characteristics of a government sponsored genocide. When the governor was to be impeached as the first and only yet governor to be impeached under the Goodluck administration; he reportedly said that the conditions for him to keep his job, were to denounce his memo, but even if death were put before him, he will never denounce this memo because he believed and stood by it. The Governor had always accused someone in the Office of National Security, NSA as being involved in Boko Haram terror. Nigerians are now realizing that Admiral Nyako knew precisely what he was talking about.

General Azubuike Ihejirika was appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan to conduct this genocide on the north. The President of Nigeria is ultimately responsible for appointing a terrorist whose brother has been reported in the past also conducting terror on the people of Abia state, in favor of the PDP party and President of Nigeria, as the head of the military. The President of Nigeria has defended not attacking and killing Boko Haram by stating that Boko Haram are his siblings and he will never send the army to kill his family. This he said in August of 2012. With Ihejirika exposed as Boko Haram, one gets a clearer picture of what the President of Nigeria professed and how and why he acted or fails to act.

The President is today also responsible for the careless and terror facilitatory actions of the new Chief of the army, General Kenneth Minimah, including the current army facilitation of Boko Haram in continuance of the Ihejirika agenda and the murder of not only innocent citizens in Borno, but also that of the three sons of a prominent Islamic leader in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky in Kaduna and other innocent Nigerians in the Kaduna provocation and elsewhere. It is time for culpability.

We urge and expect the citizens of Borno, if not those of the entire federation to gather together and class sue the President of Nigeria for crimes against humanity; for perpetration of terror; for employment and protection of a terrorist; for support and facilitation of terror. We expect human right lawyers in Nigeria and around the world to take up this case and make it happen.

May the Good Lord continue to hear the prayers of the abducted Chibok 234 Angels and continue to bring shame and death to their oppressors. Amen, Amen, Amen.

[Article authored by Dr. Peregrino Brimah, ENDs]

11 thoughts on “Nyako Genocide: Why Borno Citizens Must Sue President Jonathan By Perry Brimah

  1. Only the lord can save us in this coutry. Jesus will soon blow the trumpet and we shout hallelujah,every evil deed must be punished, we are waiting you oh lord come and take your children,for the time is over.

  2. I can’t help but laugh. I taught they said WE MUSLIMS were killing Christians? People are so blind with this religion things. I have always been saying it that the government are the Boko Haram,not Muslims yet some ****** still come on here to insult the hold prophet MOHAMMED. This na season film, I still dey watch. Mthewwwwww

  3. The must ***** talk i ever heard oga perry abeg go and sleep infact they should change drugs for you d first one is no longer effective. Are you nt 4rm borno go n sue him nah, infact una bad belle don too much make u na leave president alone jare….

  4. The must stupid talk i ever heard oga perry abeg go and sleep infact they should change drugs for you d first one is no longer effective. Are you nt 4rm borno go n sue him nah, infact una bad belle don too much make u na leave president alone jare….

  5. What an article from Dr. Brimah. We Nigerians are people who act on hearsay. Just like how we believe that salt and water solutions for ebola. Possibly the former leader of this insurgent was junior brother to the former chief of army staff and the former governor. The earlier we stop this useless theory and face the reality the best for all Nigerians. Maybe Iraq ,Afghanistan, Mali syria etc are the handiwork of the former army chief and the former governor.

  6. I will never understand why some people always reply with contempt once articles are not written to their taste. Once someone writes something and you don’t think along the same line, Just state your reasons in a reasonable manner. It doesn’t have to come to insults.

  7. Some People are so blinded with this tribal sentiment that anything written against jonathan will never go down well with them,even if its the truth….”Leave the president alone” they always say.

  8. Hw did he get d information?do the bokoharam meet him face to face or they had conversation through phone?d truth is still hiden.d first bh we know from d begining were destroying police station,but d new bh which d truth is not out yet are burning chucrhes killing xtians just because they want to becom president abeg make una leave us alone.d only good few muslem who critising dem they will follow dem & kill them.abeg.

  9. People reason from their anus. Of what benefit did Ihejirika instigated Muslim youths against their fellow Muslims?. What relationship did Ibo man has with Abokis to be able to gather over 5,000 youths to fight their brothers and sisters?. Apc propaganda and deliberate ploy with the head of Boko Haram to mention Ihejirika’s name just to put Nigeria in confusion. The same Ihejirika who fought Boko haram to stand still that even made the Northern elders to cry foul play is the man they want to label boko haram sponsor. Bad Politics.

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