5 Female Boko Haramists Attack Muslims Performing Night Prayers In Borno State, 17 Killed

5 boko haram women attack worshippers borno

June 19, 2017 – 5 Female Boko Haramists Attack Muslims Performing Night Prayers In Borno State, 17 Killed, 25 Injured

Not less than 17 died after five suspected female suicide bombers attacked Kofa Community near Dalori in Borno.

Eyewitness told newsmen in Kofa that the incident occurred around 8:30pm Sunday, when Muslim faithfuls were performing their night prayers.

“We heard loud sound around 8:30pm, near a mosque, forcing people to run back to their houses

“As we were preparing to rescue the victims of the first blast, we heard another explosion close by.

“It was really terrifying; many people died and many others were injured

“The third explosion occurred after a short while.

“Eventually, we evacuated eight bodies in the night, to the hospital, while 25 others were injured,” recounted Malam Ibrahim Kolo, member of a vigilante group.

Mr Victor Isuku, spokesman of Borno Police Command, confirmed the incident, saying 17 persons were killed during the attacks.

“On Sunday , at about 2030hrs, five suspected female suicide bombers detonated explosives strapped to their bodies in Kofa community, which is about 8km from Maiduguri, and situated along Maiduguri to Konduga road.

“The first suicide bomber detonated near a mosque, killing seven persons.

“The second detonated in a house killing five persons, while two other suicide bombers detonated within the same vicinity, killing themselves only”.

“A total of 17 persons, including the five suicide bombers died, while 11 persons sustained injuries and were rushed to University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

“Police anti explosive team were mobilized to the scene and normalcy has since been restored,” he said.

However, spokesperson of the North East Zonal office of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Abdulkadir Ibrahim, said in a statement in Maiduguri that 16 people were killed.

“At about 8.45 pm, two female suicide bombers were intercepted when they tried to gain access into Dalori 2 IDP camp.

“Two other female suicide bombers also detonated their explosives at the adjoining Dalori kofa village at about 8.10 pm, where they killed 16 people,” Ibrahim said.

6 thoughts on “5 Female Boko Haramists Attack Muslims Performing Night Prayers In Borno State, 17 Killed

  1. GOODNEWS! GREAT NEWS!! I said so because the primary aim why they (muslim bigots) form this killer group was to deal with Christians because of the mortal hatred they have for the religion. But now what do we see? The turn of the tide.

    17 down and still counting……
    That‘s a happy sallah in advance for all the Children of satan around the World called muslims.

    The plan of that bed-ridden fulani herdsman in Aso Rock called PMB is to islamize this country hence the removal of Christian Religion Knowledge (CRK) Subject from secondary schools curriculum in Nigeria while retaining IRK= islamic religion knowledge.

    Anothe goodnews is that all that plan to turn Nigeria into a devil‘s conqered ground like Turkey CAN NEVER WORK.
    Any devil‘s agent who try it will always meet with one misfortune or the other.

    The country has just been reduced by about 17 prospective terrorists and gone to be with their master the devil to celebrate the sallah.

    I take a stroll…

      • shut up..the master trained the dog and the dog now want to eat his matter.The evil that men do lives with them..repercussion..karma is real…3 gbosas for mr hunter

  2. I really cannot figure out the sort of emancipation,liberty,manumission and freedom this set of muslim are seeking for to warrant the killings of their fellow muslims brothers during their religious worship. What is their agitation? What is their activism to justify the unrelenting and indiscriminate act of massacre,brutality and terrorism against their fellow Nigerians many of them muslims? This put a whole total question mark on this type of religion. (LOVE) is what the HOLY BIBLE says should be an identifying mark of true religion and that is exactly what is seriously lacking in ISLAM. Boko Haram as a muslim sect has been waging an all out war against Nigerian military and against a sovereign Nation resulting in the death of tens of thousands of civilians and someone will call this a true religion? No way! We only pray that God open up their eyes and mind so that the illumination of the glorious good news of our lord jesus christ might shine through so they can gain the real salvation emanating from God.

  3. @ Matatatata, I think you will do better by not talking in this matter at all.
    Just imagine the sound of your goddamn name, like one shooting a gun! You know? I knew some fools will want to come after me for my truthful comment and here you are. I am not disappointed. For you to attack me for my comment, you must be one of them. I mean, the cursed children of satan called muslims.

    I take a stroll…

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