Amanda Bynes Blasts Rihanna “Chris Brown Beats U Bcos U’re Ugly”

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May 27, 2013 – Amanda Bynes Blasts Rihanna “Chris Brown Beats U Bcos U’re Ugly”

Troubled Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes who was recently arrested for Marijuana possession is now on Rihanna’s case.

In a show of hatred, Amanda Bynes took to her twitter page yesterday to express displeasure for Rihanna.

She says;
@ Rihanna no one want to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother that I almost named my new dog Rihanna.
Chris Brown beat you because you are not pretty enough.

Rihanna replied her with;

Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?

Amanda Bynes has been released but she is currently under probation.

Hope this Amanda gets the help she needed before she goes out of hand.

8 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes Blasts Rihanna “Chris Brown Beats U Bcos U’re Ugly”

  1. Amanda look who is talking you are a drug addicted bitch riri is more beautiful more sussessfull and more generous than you u have gone down the drain in your career My advise is that girl get a life and and when you come out of rehab and make as much as she is making?Then you can talk B**CH

  2. Can you imagine what this puffy face girl said to Rihana, that she is ugly. Ok if she’s ugly you are uglier and the ugliest girl in the world. Yes you are.

  3. She ain’t that beautiful, ya right. But she has a more sucessful career. Guess u need to go to ‘Rihanna’s Rehab’

  4. Look at who is talking,are u better-off?Rihan don’t mind ha,she’s only been jealous of u or maybe she wants Chris Brown!

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