Bomb Explosion In Festac Lagos By Boko Haram Allies – Wake Up Call

bomb explosion in festac lagos

Feb 18, 2013 – Festac-Mile 2 Bridge Lagos Bomb Explosion Not Planted By Boko Haram – Sand Dealer Killed

A terrible bomb explosion that rocked Festac and Mile 2 link bridge which killed a sand dealer few minutes from his office this morning was planted by Boko Haram allies.

According to eye witnesses of this sad scene, the young business man who is into sand business identified as Oladele Pius was killed on the spot after a bomb planted under the aforementioned bridge exploded.

The bomb explosion that rocked Lagos this morning also shattered the leg of a policeman on duty.

We learnt Mr Oladele Pius was passing by when the bomb explosion happened. He was pronounced dead on the spot.

As at the time of this report, we are still unsure if the bomb was indeed planted by the dreaded Boko Haram sect but sources claim the bridge is a popularly hot spot for suspected Boko Haram allies.

The scene of Lagos bomb explosion has been cordoned off by mobile policemen and the body of the killed sand dealer has been moved to a local mortuary.

The deceased is survived by 2 wives and 5 children.

May his soul rest in peace!

This is a wake up call for Lagos state government.

19 thoughts on “Bomb Explosion In Festac Lagos By Boko Haram Allies – Wake Up Call

  1. Pls let dem not start in lag coz if dey do, na serios bgege e go be ooo. Lord have mercy and sory to d deceased famly.

  2. Please they should give us our biafra before another civil war will occured…Ibos,you people should stand up and speak 4 ur self.

  3. Ibos r selfish. wetin concern biafra? No be igbos dey help bokaits cople the bomb? Everyone knw na Ibos sabi doing locally made apurukas! Fools!!!

  4. Boko haram members have started their war against yarubas i am not surprise because the yarubas are cowards. but i pray that one day they will do the same in owerri my home town believe me all the targets in hand must be neutralized like we did in the past, be it onious,carrot seller or shoe shinner, there is no one muslim that is moderate they are all terrorist.

  5. when d us decreed naija a terrorist state. d house said dat it is a lie but now what? did they still believe it when d us said dat naija go split come 2013. just wait and see.(d rising and falling of naij)

  6. This is a rocket mace so let all the nigerian militry seat up to fire this people before boko tune they eye to Akwa Abasi Ibom state oh please Abag

  7. I doubt if this is Boko haram…it must av been a direct attempt on the victims life by an assassin bcos if Boko were to attack lagos.we all know there are far more densely populated areas in lagos where a single explosions would hit hundreds of people and nt just 2 persons.

  8. Nigeria can not survive in the face of inequality.
    We have no where to run to.
    God help Nigeria.

  9. What can i say? End of the entity called Nigeria is in sight. After 100 years of staying together under forced marriage? Its time to part ways. Take it or leave it.

  10. What are we nigerians actually benefiting from staying together when terror looms in the land? You wont be making light comments on such issues if your direct family has been killed by any means such as the terrorists or gunmen. If Nigeria must go, let it go and we welcome the creation of three independent countries. When this is done, Yoruba’s will only kill themselves, likewise the Igbos and the Hausas. Reasonable men and women, what do you think?

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