Freemasons Are Evil & Deceptive. They Will Take You Into The Dark Lap Of The Occult World

freemasons are evil

Freemasonry Is Deceptive And Evil. It Will Take  You Down The Path Of Darkness And Into The Lap Of The Underworld!.

By Chris Mason

The Problem in our society are the Freemasons, aka masons. If they were to disappear, the world would be a farrrr…..better place!

Masonry, the sure path to ruin. You may not see it now in the beginning, but you will as you progress in the craft and further yourself away from God and your Christian faith…

For starters, masons are interested ONLY in accepting those that hold some position of importance or authority in society. If it is a would be or actual politician than even better! Masons do NOT accept regular joes, homeless, or unimportant lazy folk. Second, the hook is the so-called Believe in a Higher Being nonsense (be it Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc.). Third, as the mason progresses through the stages in the craft, the end goal for him is to realize that He does not need God because the transformation has occurred whereby the member realizes he is a God unto himself.

Moreover, the ceremonies he participates in are Occult period and anti-Catholic (Christian), Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist. They are demonic period.

Fourth, it is the duty of every mason not to knowingly or wittingly do harm, talk bad about or tell on his fellow mason. And, when a fellow mason is in need or danger to help him above all else. T

herefore, this is the WHY it is so simple for the pedophiles within the occult mason organization to easily rape, molest, enter children with impunity. Some use mikey Finn, or simply get vulnerable children in exchange for cash to their families who need it.

No fellow mason can, or is allowed by their own acceptance of the rules when entering the craft, to “tell” on one another. Hence, the perfect crime.

Fifth, just to clarify, the end game of masonry, which also is the de facto mission of the occult, is to slowly like hair loss, have it’s members deconstruct all that is descent and Holy in society.

Masonry and Catholicism are non-congruent. This is why every mason has a duty to oppress society (one of the masonic central tenets is: Through Chaos Comes Order, and it is the masons that will establish their occult order unto society).

This is the reason why they work hard to destroy all that is sanctity in society and impose demonic teachings (For example: no Lord’s prayer, gays and lesbians and 1/2 and 1/2 are a good thing,not a mental disorder which it is and if you oppose this you are racist of some sort. Have an abortion because it is not a human you have inside you but a piece of pepperoni, flood countries with Muslims who NEVER integrate and are shut-in and by nature only impose on all their religious ways of thinking at all costs etc.).

And lastly, If one is a Catholic,  one cannot become a Freemason. DO NOT be fooled by the masons and their lies. It is a mortal sin and excommunication to follow.

If it were up to me I would banish masonry, jail the pedophiles and bring forth to the Hague International Court all masons to pay for their Crimes Against Humanity.

Hopefully, some day, this will happen.

31 thoughts on “Freemasons Are Evil & Deceptive. They Will Take You Into The Dark Lap Of The Occult World

    • Nothing in this article is true. I had not encountered anything anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-any religion including the Catholic Church (my Faith) inside the lodge or during stated meetings.
      Fred Tuting

      • Yeah! You should be right, simply because you might not have gotten to the required DEGREES to have those experiences. Get moving. By the time you hit the 17th to the 18th Degrees, you may understand better. Experience is the best teacher. Good luck.

    • There is nothing sinister in being a Freemason I am one and what I read on here is totally bullshit . I love freemasonry

    • This article is a load of BS. If you think Masonry is anti Christ like then you have no idea what Masonry is about. It is Christ centric. It’s a fantastic organization that is philanthropic in nature and promotes benevolence within the community. Why people have such a negative view of Masonry I’ll never understand. If anyone has anything negative to say about Freemasonry, they dont know what they’re talking about. It only shows they’re ignorance.

  1. Bahahahahaha! What a loser! And such a stupid and uninformed article. Unless this was fiction? Get your head screwed on straight before you enter the Internet again.

  2. There is no doubt that what was exposed by Chis Mason (undoubtedly a false name) is after what the new religion, ********************, contained positive aspects in its ideology but its triumph armed with great effect the ignorance and fanaticism and that imposed itself with blows of fanaticism and terror.

    On the other hand, Freemasonry, which is born from a branch of religion, which as a main condition is to believe in a creator

    Freemasons do not discriminate, religion, politics or race. They simply accept good people to be better.
    It has not been found in history killings carried out in the name of the same, on the contrary, the number of freemasons that they attributed to science and humanity.

  3. What’s the point of telling people about this… Like there’s a lot of things that are effectively destroying our lives and our souls…
    Your biggest enemy is literally yourself…
    Try to understand that your glorifying them when you tell people about there achievements or whatever….

  4. Guess what lmao 😎 🤘
    The Hague International Court is run also by freemasons lmao 😎 🤘
    So good luck lmao 😎 🤘

    • Find a local lodge or ask one to be one. Our symbols are everywhere. As for the article…The writer is completely wrong. A mason works making himself a better man. Committing crimes and asking for it to be covered up is NOT masonic.

  5. This article is one of the biggest piles of ignorance I’ve ever read.

    We do criminal background checks and do not allow anyone convicted of a any crime to join.

    Sophistry, as represented by this author’s writing, is what has led to most human misery. Masonry is illegal in the countries that are the most totalitarian on earth. On the other hand, the nations where Freemasonry thrives the most, are the most politically free/democratic and the most economically prosperous.

    Freemasonry is most threatening to those who want to dictate their beliefs on others – either political or religious.

  6. Yea isn’t true I’m a freemason I’m basically poor I have no help except from my grandma if it wasn’t for her I’d be homeless a homeless freemason all I do is lyft and can’t make crap there and can’t get help getting another job no one is helping me and I’m a 3rd degree master mason I couldn’t even get by with a speeding ticket from when I was going to a hospital bleeding wearing my mason stuff to and went to court to fight it still didn’t win I’m not getting help anywhere I can’t even get by with stealing food I had to cause I have no money and no help I been trying to get a job but nothing so yea this definitely isn’t true and all we do is charity work and nothing demonic at all no rituals nothing but talk believe me and we cook that’s all man and u have to believe in god to join or u don’t get in but anyway yea I’m real poor and nothing so not true

  7. This article is absolute CRAP. Freemasons all over the world has done great service to mankind and society. The publisher must veryfy before posting such articles.

  8. Many laughing to this article but let me tell you something, Free masons might look strong to your eyes and you might like them for some reason but that doesn’t change the fact that they are children of Satan. This is how Satan work on earth. And stupids belive to this games.

  9. They are daring, they cannot give up on whoever they want to cage or ruin.
    You can only overcome them by God’s word as Jesus did but you must know The Word because they can twist The Word like Satan.
    They are everywhere -in every sector of the economy like banking, agriculture,service,manufacturing,….even in churches and other religious sects.
    In fact they are working hard to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ but the gate of hail shall not prevail.

  10. Those who think the author of this article is not talking sense, are simply ignoramuses. Its original name ” The Scottish Rite” as founded in Scotland by a certain Hiram Abiff, who writes down the first Three Degrees of the Occultic group and later on completed by a certain Albert Pike from the 4th to the 33rd Degree. And the name later on changed from the “Scottish Rite” to the “Freemasonry”. Those who are responding like that are those who are in their preliminary classes. By the time you hit from the 17th to the 18th Degrees up, then you will understand where you are. Bleak organizations and nothing to write home about. And they pretend to be philanthropic just to woo feable minds like most of you guys. That’s why you don’t believe it’s a bleak organization just like Illuminati. You cannot serve two Masters at a time. Either you serve God or you serve God. You cannot pretend to serve god and God at the same time. Anyways, keep moving. Experience is the best teacher. The time is coming when you would be able to draw a line. Hope it shouldn’t have been too late to make an about turn. Best wishes.

  11. The author of the above article is 100% Honest and Correct concerning the subject matter of masonry.
    Masonry is currently the Biggest Danger that exists to Humanity on earth today! Masonry is like a bad weed that IF left unattended grows and spreads throughout society slowly chocking the life out of all that is Good, and eliminating it in it’s totality.
    It amazes me just How many paid promoters and masonic patsies exist and continue to dissuade the public by telling them masons are just one fine, swell bunch – COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!
    The ONLY true path to Salvation of the self and Society as a whole is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Amen!
    masons = DANGER, ALWAYS! Stay the heck away from that vile and evil demonic garbage! Unless, of course, you are a soft-brained dodo bird?

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