Lady Gaga In A 24-carat Gold Wheelchair (Photo)

lady gaga 24 carat gold wheelchair

March 13, 2013 – Lady Gaga In A 24-carat Gold Wheelchair (Photo)

Controversial music star Lady Gaga is now confined to a wheelchair as she recovers from hip surgery.

Few weeks back, she fell on the stage during one of her eccentric performance which caused a hip problem that led to infection.

She is not using an ordinary wheelchair, she is rather using a 24-carat Gold Wheelchair

This is what plenty money can do….

11 thoughts on “Lady Gaga In A 24-carat Gold Wheelchair (Photo)

  1. for girls that imitate lady gaga by doing all this facial treatment like breast in largement,hips in largement, pedicure etc you gals can see the effect on una role model besides she get money way she go use do operation but una way the follow her no get shi shi if una like make una no change or stop it.

  2. she is an agent of devil by mocking christ and still ladys of Nigeria imitate her and call her there role model may God help those who change the way God create them,MAKE UNA REMEMBER SAY CANCER NA TH WORSE SICKNESS VER CUS THE PERSON GO, GO HELL FIRE AND COME BACK IF THEM GET MONEY O BEWARE 9JA GIRLS

  3. Those girls who always do whatever she does, let me see if u can afford to buy a 24-carat gold wheel chair

  4. She no go everly stand up for dat wheelchair na God wan punish am so, wer is lucifer wer she worship why she no heal am mtcheeew, na so jay z, lil wayne, beyonce 2 mentn bt a few go hear am

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