5 Internet Fraudsters Caught At Shelter Afrik Estate Uyo

internet fraudsters caught uyo

New Batch Of Internet Fraudsters Caught During Raid In Uyo Akwa Ibom Identified

The EFCC says it has arrested 5 suspected internet fraudsters in a sting operation in Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

The commission spokesman, Tony Orilade, in a statement in Abuja today, said that the suspects were Uchendu Denis, Osinachi David, Chikezie Bright, Francis Martins and Okafor Emmanuel.

He said that the suspects were arrested by EFCC personnel of Uyo Zonal office, at Nsini Odeyop Street, Shelter Afrik Estate, Uyo, following intelligence report.

“At the time of arrest, it was discovered that the suspects, who were lodging in a three-bedroom flat, used one of the rooms for cyber-crime activities.

5 yahoo boys caught uyo akwa ibom

Items recovered from them include 123 sim cards, which had a Turkish sim card; six Laptops and 13 expensive mobile phones.

“Other recovered items were books and diaries containing phone numbers and over 300 email addresses, amongst others.

“They will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded,” Orilade said. (NAN)

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7 thoughts on “5 Internet Fraudsters Caught At Shelter Afrik Estate Uyo

  1. EFCC should get sense. Instead of going after these harmless boys, let them go after looters. Dis namecalling is too much.

  2. 123 sim cards? I guess these are the category of boys that claim to call from London saying they sent you stuff or ask for your BVN. Barawo

  3. The issue we have here is that prez is not in control and i shiver in the next four yrs..unemployment rate is terrible..it took six months in 2005 to appoint ministers then he started his in /out uk vacation.how can a lawyer oversee power ministry and even two additional portfolios and a doctor in labour and productivity ministry..sharia judge appointed as chief justice.square peg in a round hole.
    youths arent lazy as he said in his speech abroad,they need jobs..it will not erase crime completely but drastically reduce it.

  4. Can y’all *****s in that sh**hole country have some brain cells and boycott wifing or giving birth to kids who will grow up to nothing but menace, kids in that shithole never get to dream to make it big without going in to crime neither do they live to f*ck the baddest hoes.

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